Laboratory drying equipment

The drying equipment that our company sells is a vacuum drying oven, blast drying oven, and a freeze dryer. These drying equipment have been certified by ISO and CE professional bodies, and the quality of the products is absolutely reliable.
DZF series vacuum drying ovens have capacities ranging from 8L to 215L. The shelves can be customized to 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 layers and are made of 304 stainless steel for excellent corrosion resistance. It adopts a microcomputer PID temperature controller with over-temperature protection and digital display for precise temperature control.
The DHG series blast drying oven has a capacity of 30L~1000L and the voltage is divided into 220V/50Hz and 380V/50Hz. The temperature range is from RT+10~250°C, and the time setting range is from 1 to 9999min. A one-time sealing ring is used to ensure the sealing performance and vacuum of the drying oven.
The freeze dryer can be divided into a bell-type freeze dryer, an electric heating bell-type freeze dryer, an electric heating in-situ freeze dryer, and a silicone oil heated in-situ freeze dryer. The cooling temperature can be below -56 ° C, and the vacuum can reach below 10 Pa. The refrigeration system adopts overlapping refrigeration technology, with low refrigeration temperature and large refrigeration capacity. It adopts imported closed compressor and has high cooling capacity.