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Blast Drying Oven - Laboratory Drying Oven

The electric blast drying oven is an updated product with aesthetics and practicality. All specifications of the drying oven casing are welded by high-quality steel plates and painted on the surface. The wall material of the studio is made of 2 to 6 layers of high quality stainless steel. The insulating layer is filled with a glass fiber yarn.
The DHG series blast drying oven has a capacity of 40~1000L. PID intelligent temperature control device is adopted. The voltage is divided into 220V / 50Hz and 220V / 60Hz. The time is set from 1 to 9999 min. It is available in an explosion-proof version.
The temperature control instrument adopts microcomputer control, thyristor triggering, high-temperature control precision, the control system has time and temperature adjustment function, in addition to protection device, it also has upper and lower limit temperature setting and tracking alarm function.