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Stainless steel reactor - laboratory stainless steel reactor

Stainless steel reactors produced by ZZKD laboratory equipment manufacturers include jacketed stainless steel reactor vessels, hydrothermal synthesis reactors, and high-pressure reactors made of SUS304, SUS316L, or SUS321 stainless steel, which have good chemical and material properties.

The stainless steel chemical reactor container is polished in accordance with GMP technical conditions and adopts a hybrid structure of a cycloid pinwheel reducer or a stepless reducer. It can use steam, electric heating, and thermal oil to provide heat sources for the whole tank.

The outer layer of the teflon hydrothermal reactor is made of stainless steel and the inside is made of PTFE. These materials have excellent acid and alkali resistance and are suitable for chemical reactions. The capacity of the hydrothermal synthesis reactor is 25ml, 50ml, 100ml, 150ml, 200ml, 250ml. We can also provide customized sizes according to user needs.

The high-pressure reactor mainly uses 316L stainless steel, which can perform gas-liquid, liquid-liquid, liquid-solid or gas-liquid-solid three-phase chemical materials reaction experiments. The high-pressure reactor device mainly adopts a static sealed structure, and the magnetic coupling between the agitator and the motor is more secure.

Our company is a manufacturing company. We have stock of these stainless steel equipment and can ship in time. As a manufacturer, our equipment will also be cheaper.