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Water oil bathCirculating water/oil bath

The water/oil bath is mainly used for distillation, drying, concentration, and temperature staining of chemicals or biological products in the laboratory. It can also be used for constant temperature heating and other temperature tests. It is biological, genetic, viral, aquatic, environmental protection, medicine, health , Laboratory, analysis room, necessary tools for education and scientific research.
The GYY series water bath has the advantages of many similar products. It has the characteristics of low noise, continuous operation, uniform water circulation temperature, stable and reliable performance, and simple operation. It adopts advanced CNC temperature display and high precision.
The oil bath pot uses imported stainless steel plate material as the liner. The shell is made of high-quality cold plate electrostatic spray. The electric heating tube will be in the middle of the oil, with fast heating, high thermal efficiency, power saving and electronic constant temperature. We have also changed the temperature control system of the product, whether it is a digital display or a table display, a temperature control device has been added. Between the oil bath shell and the liner, there is a temperature-isolating cotton protection to enhance the thermal insulation effect.
The capacity of circulating water oil bath produced by ZZKD laboratory equipment is 5L, 10L, 20L, 30L, 50L, 80L, 100L.
They can provide heat sources for different types of glass reactors, rotary evaporators, and molecular distillation equipment.