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Lab Cooling Chiller - Cooling Chiller Manufacturer

Laboratory equipment manufacturer ZZKD, the temperature range of the DLSB chiller provided by you is -10 ℃ ~ -120 ℃; the capacity is 5L ~ 100L; it can meet different types of rotary evaporator, glass reactor, short path distillation kit, Use of molecular distillation equipment.
The circulation system of the chiller system uses anticorrosive materials, which have the functions of antirust, anticorrosion, and low-temperature liquid pollution and sterilization. And under the conditions of water shortage, poor water quality, high water pressure, and high temperature, it can effectively guarantee the normal use of various precision instruments;
All operations are completed by pressing the touch soft key on the microcomputer intelligent controller, and the operation is simple. The microcomputer has a timer shutdown function. After enabling this function, you can arbitrarily set the timer off time within 0 ~ 100 hours.

The low-temperature coolant circulation pump can be matched with a variety of instruments (rotary evaporator, fermentation tank, chemical glass reactor, freeze-drying equipment, biopharmaceutical reaction kettle, etc.); large refrigeration capacity and fast refrigeration speed, greatly improving work efficiency; The flow of the low-temperature coolant circulation pump can be adjusted and customized, which greatly meets the actual needs of different users; all models of chillers can be reasonably matched between low temperature and cooling capacity, and low temperature and container volume according to user requirements.