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Lab equipment installation and use tutorial

ZZKD is a professional laboratory equipment manufacturer, committed to providing customers with the highest quality laboratory equipment.
Here, we provide professional installation tutorials for some customers who do not know how to use and install the equipment to help customers complete the installation of the equipment perfectly.
We provide users with glass products rotary evaporator, glass reactor, short path distillation installation and use tutorial videos. Since these devices are glass products, please handle them gently during installation and use to avoid collisions and damage to equipment components.
We also provide more advanced laboratory equipment, molecular distillation equipment, falling film evaporator, closed loop extractor, supercritical extraction equipment installation video. These devices have many parts. During the installation process, component installation errors will occur, and these errors will cause the device to malfunction. Disassembling and disassembling equipment takes a lot of time. ZZKD laboratory equipment manufacturers provide you with detailed installation tutorials to effectively help users. install equipment.
In addition to the above equipment that requires independent installation, we will also provide customers with vacuum drying oven, high pressure reactor, stainless steel reactors, microwave chemical reactors, freeze dryers, spray dryers, basket centrifuges, vacuum pumps, cooling chiller and other equipment . installation method. These devices are very easy to install, but detailed installation methods are required. Attention to detail installation can help the equipment to achieve the best operating conditions.
Now that our device installation tutorial is not complete, we will improve this content in the future so that customers have a better shopping experience and understanding of the device.