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Lab peristaltic pump - Micro peristaltic pump


The peristaltic pump consists of three parts: driver, pump head and hose. The fluid is isolated in the pump tube, the pump tube can be quickly replaced, the fluid can be reversed, it can run dry, and the maintenance cost is low. These characteristics constitute the main competitive advantage of the peristaltic pump.
Laboratory peristaltic pumps produced by ZZKD laboratory equipment manufacturers have the following characteristics:
1. No pollution: the fluid only contacts the pump tube and does not contact the pump body;
2. High precision: Repeatability and high stability accuracy;
3. Low shear force: ideal tool for conveying shear-sensitive and aggressive fluids;
4. Good sealing: It has good self-priming ability, can be idled, and can prevent backflow;
5. Simple maintenance: no valves and seals;
6, with two-way equal flow capacity;
Peristaltic pump head: The main body uses (engineering plastic imported from Germany) to ensure the applicable life of the product, and the transparent protective cover is convenient for you to observe the pump head and hose operation.
Peristaltic pump hose: Use platinum vulcanized silicone hose soft, slightly transparent, smooth inner wall, low protein adhesion, low protein penetration. Temperature range: -51 ~ 238 ° C.