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Vacuum pump - Laboratory vacuum pump

As a Chinese laboratory equipment manufacturer, ZZKD has strong strength in the production of vacuum pumps.
The 2XZ rotary vane vacuum pump has the advantages of small size, lightweight, low noise and easy start-up. In addition to means for preventing oil ingress and oil leakage from the shaft seal to the contaminated environment, other means are provided.
The circulating water vacuum pump has two types: a desktop circulating water vacuum pump and a vertical circulating water vacuum pump. SHZ-95B vertical circulating water vacuum pump and SHZ-D (III) benchtop circulating water vacuum pump are mainly a new type of vacuum suction pump with circulating water as working fluid and jetting to generate negative pressure principle. It provides a vacuum for chemical experiments and also provides circulating cooling water to the reactor.
The diaphragm vacuum pump has a P20 diaphragm pump, an MPC vacuum diaphragm pump, and a DP-401 diaphragm vacuum pump. These laboratory diaphragm pumps are fully chemically resistant and environmentally friendly, making them ideal for long, uninterrupted operation.