DHG-9140A Blast Drying Oven
DHG-9140A Blast Drying Oven
DHG-9140A Blast Drying Oven
DHG-9140A Blast Drying Oven
Blast Drying Oven

DHG-9140A Blast Drying Oven

Electric blast drying oven DHG-9140A. A door seal made of corrosion-resistant 304 stainless steel and silicone rubber ensures a vacuum in the oven. Microprocessor with PID parameter control function. The drying time is reduced by more than 50% compared with the ordinary drying oven.


- The working room is made of high-quality sheet steel or corrosion-resistant stainless steel, safe and easy to use.
- The hot air circulation system consists of a low-noise fan and an optimal air duct, reaching a constant temp inside the working room.
- The intelligent temperature controller is based on a microprocessor with PID parameters controlling function. Digital display set and actual temperatures. High temp controlling accuracy and reliability.
- Minimum heating time, compared with traditional blast drying oven heating time reduced by 50% or more.
- The closure can adjust the tightness, overall forming the silicone rubber door seals circle, ensure the high vacuum inside the drying oven.


DHG-9140A Blast drying oven

DHG-9140A Blast drying oven


centrifugal fan

silicon rubber strip

double layer tempered glass window

  For the perfect use of the entire blast drying oven system, you may need the following equipment

- Circulating water type multi-function vacuum pump
- Diaphragm vacuum pump
- Rotary vane vacuum pump

  After sale

- 1 year warranty service and all life maintenance.
- Technical Egineer are avalible for oversea trainning.
- Free change for some parts
- Remote control technical consult
- Free installation DVD
- Maintenance plan




Delivery method

Model DHG-9140A
Power Supply 220V/50HZ
Shell Material Spray-paint Anti-corrosion
Liner Material 304 Stainless Steel
Temp. Range RT+10~250°C
Temp. Stability ±1.0°C
Temp. Analysis 0.1°C
Working Temp. '+5~40°C
Input Power (W) 1550
Chamber Capacity (L) 151
Inner Dimension (W*D*H,mm) 550*500*550
Overall Dimension (W*D*H,mm) 830*800*720
Shelves (Pcs) 2
Time Range 1~9999 min
 Optional Configuration Explosion-proof

1.What is the reason why the temperature in the DHG-9140A blast drying oven does not rise?

- The set temperature is too low
- Temperature meter output circuit wiring is off
- The temperature controller has no output signal bad
- The heater is broken (open circuit, short circuit)
- Enable timing or incorrect settings

2.How to set the low-temperature operation of the electric blast drying oven?

When the required working temperature is low, the secondary setting method can be used. For example, the working temperature is 80 °C, the first time can be set to 70 °C, and the temperature setting overshoot starts to reverberate, and then the second time is set to 80. °C, this can reduce or even eliminate the temperature overshoot phenomenon, so that the box enters the constant temperature as soon as possible.

3.What is the temperature range of the DHG series blast drying oven?

Temperature setting range: -RT+10~200.0°C;
Basic error of temperature measurement: < 0.3%;

4.How will you deliver these goods?

It will be decided based on your quantity. Usually we will choose international express, air and sea.