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Magnetic stirrer - Laboratory magnetic stirrer

What is a magnetic stirrer?

The basic principle of a magnetic stirrer is to use the principle of homogeneous repulsion and heterosexual attraction of a magnetic field to use magnetic fields to push and place them in a container, and the magnetic stirrer rotates in a circle to achieve the purpose of stirring liquid. Together with the heating temperature control system, it can be heated according to the specific experimental requirements and control the sample temperature, maintain the temperature conditions required for the experimental conditions, and ensure that the liquid mixture meets the experimental requirements.
Utilizing the same-sex repulsion property of magnetic materials, the magnetic stirrer is driven to rotate by constantly changing the polarities at both ends of the base. The rotation of the magnetic stirrer drives the sample to rotate, so that the sample is evenly mixed.

Working principle of magnetic heating stirrer

The heating magnetic stirrer is also called magnetic heating stirrer. As the name implies, it has the function of heating and stirring at the same time. The heating function is to set a heating device in the chassis, and a corresponding device will be set to monitor the heating. The working plate will be equipped with a temperature sensor (thermocouple); the stirring function is to drive the magnetic stirrer through a permanent magnet located below the work plate. The permanent magnet can penetrate the surface of the work plate, and the magnet is directly fixed on the rotation shaft of the motor. The rotation of the motor drives the stirrer to rotate.
It is suitable for heating or stirring the solution or reagent with low viscosity, such as crystallization, water and oil bath heating, evaporation treatment, solvent evaporation, chemical reaction, titration, distillation process, and dissolution medium.
The economical heating magnetic stirrer has no digital display of temperature and speed, and can only heat or stir the sample by feeling or experience.

Characteristics of heating magnetic stirrer

-The combined design of the heater and the top plate makes it have super thermal conductivity and the ability to heat up quickly.
-Brushless DC motor and strong magnetic force can ensure fast and accurate stirring speed.
-Brushless DC motor with fast response can stop stirring instantly.
-Even in the viscosity medium state, the smooth start system can make the stirrer uncoupled.
-The support can be connected to other test equipment and accessories.
-Built-in thermal shutdown function and overload current protection function.
-Top plate over temperature alarm indicator can prevent accidental injury.