Rotary evaporator is one of our main products, Its supporting equipment usually includes: Recirculating chiller and circulating water vacuum pump.

Our rotary evaporator capacity include: 2L rotary evaporator , 5L rotary evaporator , 10L rotary evaporator , 20L rotary evaporator , 50L rotary evaporator.

Rotary evaporator australia

Many customers who purchase rotary evaporators do not know the role of each component and each supporting equipment of the rotary evaporator.The main function of the rotary evaporator is vacuum distillation. It needs related supporting products to operate normally.For example, circulating water vacuum pumps and recirculating chiller are their conventional ancillary equipment.At the same time, the rotary evaporator has its own heating mantle.

One of the functions of the rotary evaporator is to increase the efficiency of solvent issuance. It is achieved through three methods:
1.Vacuum reduces the pressure in the system and reduces the boiling temperature of the solvent.
2.Rotation increases the surface area of the solvent.
3. Heat the solvent in a water bath.

In order to work effectively, a rotary evaporator system usually includes the following main components:
Rotary evaporator and glassware
Recirculating chiller
Circulating water vacuum pump
Vacuum controller or regulator
Pipe connection parts

Rotary evaporator with recirculating chiller heating mantle

For the water bath, you can choose either coated stainless steel or PTFE coated stainless steel, the latter can provide durability and reduce corrosion.

Rotating glassware includes evaporating flask, condenser and collecting flask.

Recirculating chiller:

The condenser part of the rotary evaporator is used to cool the evaporated solvent and transfer it to the collection bottle.Certain applications, such as when using low boiling point solvents, require the use of a dry ice condenser.Some people just use dry ice refrigeration pumps because it is more convenient and does not require refrigeration pumps.However, if you do not use dry ice, you need to use a low temperature coolant circulation pump.

When choosing a refrigeration pump, the most important factor to consider is its heat dissipation capacity.Another important item to consider is the pressure that will be generated when the coolant passes through the refrigeration pump.Glassware may break under excessive pressure, so you may need to use a refrigeration pump whose maximum pressure output is lower than the rated pressure of the glass.

Circulating water vacuum pump:

The circulating water vacuum pump is one of the supporting equipment of the rotary evaporator. Its function is to pump a vacuum to provide the required vacuum environment for the material reaction.Circulating water vacuum pumps include desktop circulating water vacuum pumps and vertical circulating water vacuum pumps. Small rotary evaporators are suitable for desktop circulating water vacuum pumps, and large rotary evaporators are suitable for vertical circulating water vacuum pumps.

Vacuum controller:

The rotary evaporator system can also be equipped with a vacuum controller to ensure proper pressure in your system. If the pressure is too high, the vacuum pump will not accelerate the evaporation.If the pressure is too low, you may see bumps or blisters.