2L Short Path Distillation Kit
2L Short Path Distillation Kit
2L Short Path Distillation Kit
2L Short Path Distillation Kit
Short Path Distillation

2L Short Path Distillation Kit

The 2L short path distillation kit is a thermal separation process of heat-sensitive products under vacuum conditions, and it is a short-distance distillation technology. It is a method of separating mixtures based on differences in boiling points in liquid mixtures under negative pressure. When the sample mixture to be purified is heated, the vapor evaporates and rises into the vertical condenser, and is then cooled by the refrigerant. This process enables faster and more efficient extraction of heavier molecules. The short residence time and low evaporation temperature will cause minimal thermal stress to the distilled product. It is designed according to the principle of molecular distillation. Typical applications are high molecular organic compounds, especially from the fields of chemical, pharmaceutical and food industries. Distillation is one of the most important thermal separation methods. The Small Short Path Distillation - 2l Short Path Distillation Kit is made of borosilicate glass and stainless steel for good corrosion resistance. It has small volume, high evaporation rate and convenient operation as a laboratory distillation equipment.
2l short path distillation kit

2l short path distillation kit features:

1. The electric heating mantle is used for distillation, the heating area is large, the heating is uniform and fast, and the maximum temperature can reach 380°C.
2. Using GG17, G3.3 high borosilicate glass, acid and alkali resistance, temperature resistance, can be used for a long time.
3. The temperature setting and display adopt digital mode, which is easy to operate and easy to monitor.
4. The short distance between the heating and cooling surfaces causes minimal thermal stress on the distilled product.
5. The vacuum of the short-path distillation operation can reach 1-5Pa, which is difficult to achieve with other evaporative distillation equipment.
6. The cold trap protects the vacuum pump from vapor pollution and damage.
7. At present, we have 2L, 5L, 10L, and 20L models to choose from, double-sided short-path stills are optional, insulation clothing, and insulation strips are optional.
8. Short-path distillation is usually equipped with an anti-corrosion circulating water vacuum pump and a low-temperature cooling liquid circulating pump.
9. The self-tuning function can make the heating time of different heating sections the shortest, the temperature is small, and the balance is stable.
2l short path distillation kit

2l short path distillation kit notes:

1. No-load is not suitable for high-speed operation;
2. Keep the speed control and motor dry, because the life of the electrical box is greatly affected by the surrounding humidity and temperature;
3. The ground wire must be well grounded, and the high temperature bath must be connected to the air switch;
4. There may still be an electric shock within 5 minutes after the power is cut off, due to the inverter or capacitor discharge;
5. Please avoid impact damage to the glass by hard objects such as watches and rings when operating the instrument;
6. When the glass reactor needs to be heated, it should be heated gradually, especially when it is heated at a high temperature, it is generally recommended to use heat transfer oil that is less harmful to the human body
2l short path distillation kit

2l short path distillation kit supporting equipment:

2XZ rotary vane vacuum pump product features
1.2XZ rotary vane vacuum pump is small in size, light in weight and low in noise
2. Equipped with a gas ballast valve, which can remove a small amount of water vapor
3. Equipped with automatic anti-oil return double safety device
4. It can act alone, and can also be used as a backing pump and pre-pumping pump for various high vacuum systems
DLSB series low temperature coolant circulation pump has the following characteristics:
1. Imported air-cooled hermetic compressor unit with advanced performance and reliable quality;
2. Special relays, protectors, capacitors, and refrigeration components for refrigeration units are imported original high-quality
quality devices;
3. Digital constant temperature display, microcomputer temperature control, simple and eye-catching operation
4. Large cooling capacity and fast cooling speed greatly improve work efficiency
Simple 2l short path distillation kit is a new separation technology that can solve problems that cannot be solved by conventional distillation technology. It can achieve "liquid-liquid" separation at a temperature far below the boiling point of liquid according to the difference in the mean free path of molecular motion under extremely high vacuum. It is especially suitable for the separation and purification of high boiling point, heat sensitive and easily oxidizable materials.

Model Parts name Parts number
2L short path distillation 2000 ml Digital Heating Mantle 1
2000 ml 2 Neck Boiling Flask 1
Short Path Distillation Head 1
Cow Receiver 1
500 ml Round Bottom Flasks 3
Plastic Keck Clips 7
Cast Iron Stand 1
Metal Three Finger Clamp 1

1. What is the heating form of the short path distillation kit?

The short-path distillation unit uses an electric heating mantle to provide a heat source for the entire short-path distillation system. This electric heating mantle can be heated to 250 ° C under the condition that the vacuum of the entire equipment is under negative pressure. This electric heating mantle has a magnetic stirring function to help the material in the reaction bottle to be distilled more quickly.

2. What materials are mainly used for short-path distillation equipment?

The main materials produced by the short-path distillation kits are made of borosilicate glass, PTFE, 304 stainless steel and other materials. They all have good chemical resistance and are very good laboratory distillation equipment.

3.Which payment method do you accept?

Usually we accept TT, Paypal, Western Union, Alibaba Trust and Letter of Credit. The exact payment method and shipping method will be discussed during the transaction.