ZZKD is specialized in distillation and extraction quipment,short path distillation is one of our main products,and the models include:2L short path distillation, 5L short path distillation, 10L short path distillation, 20L short path distillation,etc.

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Generally, short path distillation equipment has undergone strict hydraulic test and trial operation before leaving the factory, and all indicators meet the equipment requirements.

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Points that should be paid attention to in the operation process of short path molecular distillation:

1. The equipment is heated by circulating hot oil on the outer interlayer, and the temperature is high, so do not touch it;

2. The short path distillation equipment is connected to the vacuum pump, so pay special attention to checking the tightness of the connection of each component when starting up;

3.The main components of the vacuum pump fine-tuning valve structure are high-density stainless steel. Before opening, the condensing column must be filled with liquid nitrogen.If the sample volume is large in one day, it is recommended to connect a three-port rotary valve to the first-level receiving port, and use a lifting frame to hold the bottom end. The equipment cannot be shut down for sampling and bottle change during operation. If it is shut down, wait for the next day to restart.

4. Both the sampler and the receiving bottle are glass ground, and both are pinched and fixed, so do not use excessive force during operation;

Preparation work before start-up of short path molecular distillation:

1. Turn on the water circulating vacuum pump first, adjust the temperature and pre-condensate;

Short path molecular distillation fills the condensing column with liquid nitrogen in advance and pre-freezes it. During the period, the liquid nitrogen is less than 1/2 and needs to be added in time;

3. Turn on the rotor of the film wiper and try it out to see if its rotation is even and continuous. Second, listen to whether there is any noise in the film scraping sound. If any of the above abnormal conditions occurs, ask the person in charge of the instrument or the laboratory teacher to solve it;