As a laboratory vacuum distillation equipment, it should have good chemical resistance. As a professional laboratory equipment manufacturer, we have considered these issues for our customers. Therefore, our equipment undergoes repeated tests in the material selection and manufacturing process, and finally appears to the user.
The most demanding equipment for manufacturing is metal, plastic, and glass.
Therefore, in the selection of materials, we have made repeated comparisons of materials and selected materials with the best corrosion resistance and ductility.
In the selection of metal, we have selected 304 stainless steel with good corrosion performance as the main metal material to protect the equipment.
We also choose PTEF with corrosion resistance as the main material.
Glass is the main component of these vacuum distillation equipment, because they are the components that directly contact the reactants, so we are more selective in selecting the glass and choose the best high borosilicate glass.
The high borosilicate glass itself has super chemical resistance. On this basis, in order to improve the service life of the glass, we have appropriately thickened the glass part of the equipment. Increasing the thickness of the glass can ensure the service life of the glass components. .
Vacuum distillation equipment mainly requires a vacuum environment for experimental operations. The above devices can be operated in a vacuum environment, but there will be no operation to create a vacuum environment. Therefore they need external equipment to provide them with a vacuum environment for production operations.
Vacuum pumps - Vacuum pumps are essential equipment to provide them with a vacuum environment.
There are many types of vacuum pumps. The vacuum pumps produced by our company include circulating water vacuum pumps, rotary vane vacuum pumps, and vacuum diaphragm pumps. These three types of vacuum pumps are different, but they also have corrosion resistance and other characteristics. I will introduce them in detail in a future article.
With the support of a vacuum pump, a vacuum environment is provided for the entire distillation system. So what things should we pay attention to during the operation.
What problems should be noticed in the operation of the vacuum distillation system?
1. Since the above vacuum distillation equipment has many glass parts, it is necessary to find a stable place to avoid vibration and damage to the glass.
2. It is forbidden to move during the operation of the equipment.
3. When operating the device, remove hard objects (watches, belts) worn on your body to avoid damage to glass components.
4. Apply a small amount of vacuum silicone grease to each standard port, ball mill port and sealing surface to increase air tightness.
5. Do not run at high speed with no load.
6. The power supply voltage must be the same as specified by the instrument.
7. The life of the electrical box has a great influence on the surrounding temperature and humidity. Keep the governor and motor dry.
8. Careful cleaning of the equipment is required after use.
The above is a brief introduction to the vacuum distillation equipment produced by our company. If you have any questions and suggestions, please leave us a message and tell us. We will answer and improve for you.