ZZKD is specialized in lab instrument,Glass reactor is one of our main products,the types are divided into single layer glass reactor and double layer glass reactor, and the capacity is divided into: 2L glass reactor, 5L glass reactor, 10L glass reactor, 20L glass reactor, 50L glass reactor, 100L glass reactor.

usa lab 50l single jacketed glass reactor turnkey system

As a glass reactor manufacturer, we are naturally very familiar with the use of glass reactors.But for some customers who are in contact with glass reactors for the first time, they may wonder what glass reactors are used for?So ZZKD will summarize the uses of glass reactors for you today. I hope this article can relieve your doubts and make you understand the uses of glass reactors.

In fact, the glass reactor is only one of many reactors. Other reactors include glass-lined reactors, hydrothermal synthesis reactors, magnetic stirring reactors, electric heating reactors, steam reactors, and so on.However, the most frequently used is the glass reactor. The glass reactor has the characteristics of pollution-free, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, hygiene, and fast heating speed. The basic working principle of the glass reactor is to stir under normal pressure or negative pressure in a closed container under the set constant temperature condition. Reaction and can control the reflux and evaporation of the solution. There are single-layer, double-layer and three-layer glass reactors.

usa lab 50l single jacketed glass reactor turnkey system

The use of glass reactors can be summarized into the following aspects: high temperature reaction (the highest temperature can reach 300 ℃), low temperature reaction (the lowest temperature can reach -80 ℃), vacuum for negative pressure reaction, solvent synthesis reaction at constant temperature, Distillation reflux reaction, vacuum distillation reaction, separation and extraction reaction, purification reaction, concentration reaction, stirring reaction, etc.According to different use conditions and requirements, users can adjust the use temperature and pressure to adapt to different experimental environments.

The glass reactor has a wide range of uses and is a commonly used biochemical instrument in the industry, so it is widely used in modern fine chemicals, scientific research experiments, biopharmaceuticals, colleges and universities, etc.It is an ideal equipment for teaching, experiment, production and pilot test.Our company's glass reactor is of high quality, moderate price, large inventory, no delay in delivery, rigorous packaging, and sound after-sales service. If the glass is damaged due to express delivery or other reasons, our company can replace it for you free of charge.