RE-5299 rotary evaporator is a rotary evaporator independently developed by our company. It is a small-capacity rotary evaporator equipped with a stainless steel water bath. It is cheap, simple to operate, stable in quality, economical and practical, and is used in biopharmaceutical, pharmaceutical, chemical and chemical industries. It is an important equipment for separation, crystallization and recrystallization, drying, purification, recycling and other operations.

re-5299 rotary evaporator

1. ce, iso certified product patent certificate.
2. It can meet continuous feeding without stopping the machine.
3. Electric lifting, knob button adjustment, digital display, convenient operation.
4. The motor adopts international copper wire, worm gear transmission technology, long continuous running time and good stability.
5. The sealing part adopts the flange sealing principle to maintain high vacuum.
6. This type of rotary evaporator uses high-quality borosilicate glass, heat-resistant and shock-resistant, not easy to break. The mechanical part and the water bath are made of 304 stainless steel and aluminum alloy.
7. 1°c-100°c temperature adjustment, 0-120 (r/m) speed adjustment, to meet various needs of laboratory instruments.
8. The temperature accuracy is ±2℃.

After sale:
Free maintenance for life
Technical engineers can receive overseas training
Remote technical consultation
Video guide installation
Free replacement of some accessories

Supporting equipment:
RE-5299: DLSB-5/10 low-temperature coolant circulating pump and SHZ-D (Ⅲ) circulating water vacuum pump

1. What is the working principle of a rotary evaporator?
Heating at a constant temperature and rotating under negative pressure to form a thin film, at the same time the solvent is evaporated and condensed for recovery. It is especially suitable for concentration, crystallization, separation and recovery of heat-sensitive materials.

2. What are the uses of the rotary evaporator?
It is generally used for separation, crystallization, drying, purification and other operations in biopharmaceutical, pharmaceutical, chemical and chemical industries.

3. What is the difference between the explosion-proof rotary evaporator and the ordinary type?
The explosion-proof rotary evaporator uses an AC generator, stepless speed regulation (frequency conversion speed regulation), brushless, and no sparks. The manual control switch adopts two-way control, the current is less than 3mA, and the explosion-proof function is good.

4. What are the characteristics of rotary evaporator compared with other evaporators?
All rotary evaporators have a built-in lifting motor, which can automatically lift the flask to the top of the heating pot when the power is off. The material rotates under vacuum conditions to form a layer of liquid film in the evaporating flask, which has a larger heating area. The rotation effectively suppresses the boiling of the material. In view of its characteristics and convenience, the rotary evaporator can be used for rapid distillation and extraction, even for operators without operating experience.

5. How to choose the supporting equipment of the rotary evaporator?
We recommend choosing a low-temperature coolant circulating pump, a circulating water vacuum pump, you can also contact us, and we will make suggestions according to your needs.