5L short path distillation
Benchtop circulating water vacuum pump used in 5L short path distillation
The vacuum pump is also one of the main equipment produced by our company. The vacuum pump manufactured by us has been strictly inspected and tested. Once the problem of cash back, it will be returned to the factory for re-production, so as to provide customers with the best quality products and equipment.
The glass reactor and rotary evaporator are combined with the circulating water vacuum pump produced by our company, which will improve the work efficiency.

Below we will make a detailed introduction to the water cycle vacuum pump produced by our company.
Circulating water vacuum pump is a common laboratory vacuum pump equipment, it is also called water ring vacuum pump.The ultimate vacuum it can achieve is 2000-4000 pa, and the serial air ejector can reach 270-670 pa.Water ring pump can also be used as a compressor, called water ring compressor, is a low pressure compressor, the pressure range is 1-2x105 pressure.
Water circulation vacuum pump design

The two vacuum pumps shown above have the following characteristics
SHZ series vacuum pump is a new type of vacuum pump designed with circulating water as working fluid and jet technology to produce negative pressure. It is not only a vacuum pumping device, but also can provide circulating cooling water to the reaction device. The pump has the characteristics of no oil, no pollution, corrosion resistance, low noise, convenience and flexibility.The material adopts anticorrosive movement and stainless steel movement.Vertical motor, pump body directly submerged, no need to add water diversion, a multi-purpose machine.
(1) multi-tube operation of one machine, the machine is equipped with three sets of air extraction head, which can be used alone or in parallel.
(2) low noise, easy to move.
(3) no pollution, the box body of the machine is polyvinyl chloride plastic, the shell adopts stainless steel and cold plate electrostatic spray case.

The same series of vacuum pumps are divided into two models, then they will have a certain difference, we will say what they are different.
From the functions, right and left, and characteristics, we can see that they are the same. We put two tables here to compare the two models of water cycle vacuum pumps, and more intuitively see their differences


Parameters of vertical circulating water vacuum pump





Power (W)


Voltage (V/Hz)


Flow (L/min)


Lift (M)


Max.Vacuum (Mpa)


Sucking Rate for Single Tap (L/min)


Quantity of Tap(pcs)




Tank Capacity (L)


Weight (kg)


Security Performance

Check valve


The vacuum is better when the water temperature is between 4℃ and 10℃






Parameters of desktop circulating water vacuum pump





four tap

Power (W)



Voltage (V/Hz)


Flow (L/min)


Lift (m)


Body material



 Max. pressure



Sucking rate for single tap(L/min)


Quantity of tap




Tank capacity






Anti~corrosion, counter~current prevent valve

The difference between the two tables above is clear.

At the beginning of the article, the recirculating water vacuum pump is mentioned, which can provide the production assistance for glass reactor vessel and lab rotary evaporator. Then, we will give a brief introduction on which type of equipment is suitable for water recirculating vacuum pump and how it works.

Desktop circulating water vacuum pump auxiliary RE-201D Rotary Evaportator

Vertical circulating water vacuum pump assists 20L jacketed glass reactor

Here are some of our Suggestions for using vacuum pumps

● after opening the cover of the water tank, add water and ice in the middle of the closed layer, add clean tap water, water level to the best scale until.
● when switching on the power supply, connect the power cord with the body and plug it into the socket on one side of the body to make it firm match;Then firmly plug the other end of the power cord into the power socket.
● in the process of vacuum operation, the exhaust sleeve of the equipment requiring vacuum is tightly connected to the exhaust nozzle on one side of the body;Check the circulating water switch to turn it off, then turn on the power switch to start the vacuum operation.
● provide circulating cooling water. When circulating cooling water needs to be provided to the reaction device, connect the casing to the circulating outlet on the other side of the machine, put the other end on the reaction device that needs circulating cooling water, and then start the circulating water outlet switch to realize the supply of circulating cooling water.
● natural external circulation, when the machine needs to work for a long time, in order to prevent the temperature of circulating water from rising, affecting the vacuum effect.The discharge hose can be connected with the water source (tap water), and the outlet nozzle can be connected with a rubber hose and put into the water tank, so as to properly control the flow of tap water, so as to form a natural state of external circulation. Continuous replenishment and replacement of clean tap water can keep the temperature of circulating water from rising, so as not to affect the vacuum effect.
● in order to ensure safety, please add ground wire socket when using.
● because the pump adopts mechanical seal, it is strictly prohibited to operate without adding water to prevent mechanical seal damage.

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