Circulating water vacuum pump is divided into desktop circulating water vacuum pumps and vertical circulating water vacuum pumps. They are usually used as supporting equipment for rotary evaporator. Common models are: SHZ-C, SHZ-D (Ⅲ), etc.

Water Circulation Vacuum Pum for lab use

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The working medium of the circulating water vacuum pump is water. The body adopts double taps and can be used alone or in parallel. It is equipped with two vacuum meters.The circulating water vacuum pump can provide vacuum conditions for the chemical laboratory and can provide circulating cooling water to the reaction device.Circulating water vacuum pumps are widely used in operations such as evaporation, distillation, crystallization, filtration, decompression, and sublimation.Today we will introduce the working principle and advantages of circulating water vacuum pump for you in detail.

Circulating water vacuum pump used in conjunction with rotary evaporator

Advantages of circulating water vacuum pump:Multifunctional and comprehensive function.In addition to providing vacuum conditions, the circulating water vacuum pump can also perform external circulation operations at the same time to provide circulating cooling water for the reaction device.The circulating water vacuum pump is connected to the tap water source, and the temperature and water quality of the vacuum circulating water can be kept unchanged under the condition of continuous operation for a long time by supplementing the water source appropriately, which can ensure the reduction of vacuum and realize the supply of circulating cooling water.

Advantages of circulating water vacuum pump:The water saving effect is obvious.Due to the water cycle operation, the water added to the water tank can be recycled, thus overcoming the phenomenon that a large amount of water is wasted when vacuum is obtained by directly flushing tap water.Based on actual measurement and continuous operation for one working day, this product can save more than 10 tons of water under the condition of the same vacuum degree, and it can be used for a long time by adding water at a time. It is especially suitable for laboratories with insufficient water sources or insufficient water pressure.

Advantages of circulating water vacuum pump:The circulating water vacuum pump is equipped with two suction nozzles, which can be pumped separately or at the same time.Each suction nozzle is equipped with a vacuum meter, which can easily observe the vacuum degree.A check valve is installed on the pumping pipeline to prevent the circulating water from flowing back to the vacuumed equipment when the vacuuming operation stops unexpectedly.

Advantages of circulating water vacuum pump:Corrosion resistant and pollution-free.Circulating water vacuum pump water pump parts are made of stainless steel, which is not affected by acid and alkali and other corrosives, and does not produce any oil and impurities that pollute the laboratory.

Working principle of circulating water vacuum pump: The circulating water vacuum pump body is equipped with an appropriate amount of water as the working fluid.When the impeller rotates clockwise, the water is thrown around by the impeller. Due to the centrifugal force, the water forms a closed ring of approximately equal thickness determined by the shape of the pump cavity.The inner surface of the lower part of the water ring is just tangent to the hub of the impeller, and the upper inner surface of the water ring is just right with the tip of the blade (in fact, the blade has a fixed insertion depth in the water ring).At this time, a crescent space is formed between the impeller hub and the water ring, and this space is divided into several small cavities equal to the number of blades by the impeller.

If the lower zero of the impeller is taken as the starting point, the area of the small cavity becomes larger when the impeller rotates 180 degrees before, and it communicates with the suction port on the end surface, and the gas is sucked in at this time.When the suction ends, the small cavity is isolated from the suction port; when the impeller continues to rotate, the small cavity changes from large to small to compress the gas; when the small cavity communicates with the exhaust port, the gas is discharged out of the pump.

The above is the introduction of the advantages of circulating water vacuum pump and the working principle of circulating water vacuum pump. If you have other questions, please feel free to contact us.