ZZKD is a well known lab instrument manufacturer in China,vacuum drying oven is one of our main products.Rotary vane vacuum pump is usually used as supporting equipment for vacuum drying oven.

The vacuum drying oven is a large-scale precision test equipment. Special attention should be paid to waterproof and moisture-proof. Anti-rust oil should be applied frequently to prevent rust.Anti-rust oil should be applied to rust-prone parts or other auxiliary devices such as clamps, jaws, connecting pins, etc.Anti-rust oil is best used with reasonable cleaning agents, packaging materials, etc. to play the best role.The vacuum drying oven must pass rigorous tests before it can be released to the market. It is designed for drying heat-sensitive, easily decomposable and easily oxidized substances, and can be filled with inert gas, especially some items with complex components can be quickly dried device.In addition to normal use, we should also pay more attention to the daily maintenance of equipment to prevent undesirable phenomena.

vacuum drying oven with pump

The vacuum drying oven is a box-type drying equipment that puts dry materials under negative pressure for drying.It can get a higher drying rate at a lower temperature and fully utilizes heat. It is mainly suitable for drying heat-sensitive materials and materials containing solvents and solvents that need to be recovered.The purpose of heat treatment of raw materials is to increase the temperature of the blank during extrusion molding, and increasing the temperature of the blank can bring about changes in the drying effect.Mainly have the following four effects on the drying rate of the vacuum oven:

1. The drying time can be shortened by 15%-40%, in addition to accelerating the diffusion rate in the green body, it saves the heating time when the green body is dried;
2.Can reduce drying cracks, which is conducive to uniform and rapid drying;
3.Under the condition of no increase in power consumption, the molding moisture is reduced, and the decline in moisture also shortens the drying time;
4.After the temperature of the green body increases, the moisture conductivity increases, which facilitates the movement of water in the green body to the surface and accelerates the drying process. When the body rises from 20°C to 50°C, the moisture conductivity will increase 3-4 times.

The vacuum drying oven is a special instrument, and its occurrence, development and use are limited by the product specifications and experimental method specifications of electronic and mechanical products.Without standards, there will be no quality, and without quality, there will be no research on experimental methods and the development and production of special testing instruments.