The supercritical co2 extraction equipment is one of our main products,and the models include: KD-SFT-5L, KD-SFT-10L, KD-SFT-25l, KD-SFT-50L.

supercritical co2 extraction machine

The solvent strength of the supercritical extraction equipment fluid depends on the temperature and pressure of the extraction.Using this feature, only by changing the pressure and temperature of the extractant fluid, different components in the sample can be extracted successively according to their solubility´╝îSubstances under low pressure are extracted first, and supercritical extraction is carried out with the increase of pressure, which can obtain different extraction components, and at the same time, it can also play a role in separation.

A supercritical substance is a substance that is neither gaseous nor liquid between gas and liquid. This substance can only exist when its temperature and pressure exceed the critical point.The density of supercritical fluid is higher, similar to liquid, and its viscosity is closer to gas.

supercritical co2 extraction equipment

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The change of temperature is affected by two factors, density and vapor pressure. In the low temperature region (still above the supercritical temperature), the temperature rises and reduces the fluid density, while the vapor pressure of the solute does not increase much, so the temperature rise when the extractant is dissolved can be To separate the solute from the fluid extractant,When the temperature is further increased to the high temperature zone, although the density of the extractant is further reduced, the vapor pressure of the solute increases, and the volatility increases. The extraction rate will not decrease but will increase.

In addition to pressure and temperature, adding a small amount of other solvents to the supercritical fluid can also change its ability to dissolve solutes. Its mechanism of action has not yet been fully clear.Adding a small amount of solvent can further expand the scope of application of supercritical extraction technology to larger compounds.

Supercritical extraction equipment is an analytical instrument used in the fields of pharmacy and food science and technology. The principle of the extraction and separation process of supercritical extraction equipment is to use supercritical carbon dioxide to dissolve some special natural products.In the supercritical state, the supercritical carbon dioxide is brought into contact with the substance to be separated, and components with different polarities, boiling points and molecular weights are selectively extracted sequentially.