Spray drying equipment is one of our main products,spray drying is a method of applying systematic technology to material drying,which is widely used in chemical, light industry, food, medicine, building materials, environmental protection and other industries.

Spray dryer machine price in india


Efficient volute cyclone separator.

Bipolar spiral hot air distributor, and more even hot air flow.

Inside diameter of drying chamber is up to 1m, and the high-quality mirror design is to reduce sticky material.

18kW high-power heating, high heating rate.


Forward and reverse switch.

Full-speed switch.

Speed regulation.

Power plug of centrifugal pump.

Feed pipe.

Cooling water circulation shall be guaranteed when cooling water pipe and the motor of circulating water cooling centrifugal pump work.

Power connection of cooling water pump.

Water inlet and outlet pipes of cooling pump.

Efficient volute cyclone separator, used for material recovery.

Quick opening valve, used to collect materials continuously during continuous experiment.

Material barrel.

2.2kW high-power booster fan.

Power switch of peristaltic pump.

Power cord of peristaltic pump

Toggle this rod to disassemble and assemble the peristaltic pipe

Speed display screen

Touch screen, used to control equipment operation

Window, used to view internal condition

Door locks, used to open and lock the door by rotating both locks


Peristaltic pump

Technical parameters:

1. Material: Solution (include some suspension liquids)

2. Max. water evaporation capacity of host machine: About 6L/h

3. Inlet air temperature: From room temperature to 330℃

4. Outlet air temperature: From room temperature to 140℃

5. Heating method: Electrical heating

6. Drying method: Centrifugal atomization

7. Equipment material: 304 stainless steel

8.Installation site: Indoor

9. Working voltage: 380V   50-60HZ

10. Floor area (length, width and height): 2.0m*1.3m*2.15m