Our spray dryer equipment includes large scale spray dryer and small scale spray dryer,small spray dryer is also called lab spray dryer or mini spray dryer.

Spray dryer for detergent powder

Spray drying is a widely used process in the liquid process shaping and drying industry. It is suitable for generating powdery and granular solid products from solutions, emulsions, suspensions and pasty liquid raw materials.Therefore, when the particle size distribution, residual moisture content, bulk density and particle shape of the finished product meet the precise standards, spray drying is a good process.

After filtering and heating, the air enters the air distributor on the top of the dryer, and the hot air enters the drying chamber evenly in a spiral shape.The material liquid passes through the high-speed centrifugal atomizer on the top of the tower, and (rotating) sprays into very fine misty liquid beads, which can be dried into finished products in a very short time in co-current contact with hot air.The finished product is continuously output from the bottom of the drying tower and the cyclone separator, and the exhaust gas is evacuated by the fan.

spray dryer for milk

Performance characteristics:

The drying speed is fast, and the surface area of the material liquid is greatly increased after atomization. In the hot air flow, 95%-98% of the water can be evaporated instantly, and the drying time is only a few seconds. It is especially suitable for the drying of heat-sensitive materials.
The product has good uniformity, fluidity and solubility, high purity and good quality.

The production process is simplified, and the operation and control are convenient.For liquids with a moisture content of 40-60% (up to 90% for special materials), it can be dried into powder products at one time, without crushing and screening after drying, reducing production procedures and improving product purity.The product particle size, bulk density and water content can be adjusted by changing the operating conditions within a certain range, and the control and management are very convenient.

Spray dryer for fruit powder

Adapt to materials:

Chemical industry: sodium fluoride (potassium), basic dyes and pigments, dye intermediates, compound fertilizers, formaldehyde silicic acid, catalysts, sulfuric acid agents, amino acids, white carbon black, etc.

Plastic resin: AB, ABS emulsion, urinary formaldehyde resin, phenolic resin, dense rubber (urea) formaldehyde resin, polyethylene, polyvinyl chloride, etc.

Food industry: fat-rich milk powder, gluten, cocoa milk powder, milk replacer powder, blood hunting powder, egg white (yellow), etc.

Food and plants: oats, chicken juice, coffee, instant tea, flavored meat, protein, soybean, peanut protein, hydrolysate, etc.

Sugars: corn syrup, corn starch, glucose, pectin, maltose, potassium sorbate, etc.

Ceramics: alumina, ceramic tile materials, magnesium oxide, talcum powder, etc.