Rotary evaporator is one of our main products,its Its supporting equipment is recirculating chiller and circulating water vacuum pump.

rotary evaporator with recirculating chiller

Rotary evaporator is an indispensable instrument and equipment for evaporation, concentration, crystallization, drying, separation, solvent recovery and other processes. It is widely used in scientific research and production processes in medicine, chemical, biological products and other industries.Proper use of the rotary evaporator and proper maintenance can effectively increase the service life of the instrument, increase your evaporation efficiency, and reduce maintenance costs!

rotary evaporator with chiller and vacuum pump price

1. Please wear appropriate protective clothing (protective glasses and safety gloves (if necessary)) when operating the equipment;

2. Do not use open flames for work near the equipment (risk of explosion);

3. Please connect all pipe joints firmly to ensure safe operation;

4. All connected cables and pipelines must not be kinked, and they should be placed outside the hazardous area;

5. The installation of glass components should be handled with care to avoid damage to the glass and affect the evaporation efficiency;

6. During use, please limit the pressure difference of the glass components within 2 bar;

7. Do not adjust the maximum pressure of the coolant in the condenser to more than 2 bar;

Daily maintenance

1.Use a damp cloth or ethanol to clean the surface and feet of the equipment regularly;

2. Please change the bath liquid regularly and timely;

3. It is recommended to use tap water as the bath; if deionized water or pure water is used as the bath, it is recommended to add 0.1g of sodium carbonate per liter of water, which can effectively avoid the appearance of rust in the water bath;

4. The condenser tube becomes yellow and fouled. It is recommended to clean it with dilute hydrochloric acid diluted to 20%~25% to avoid yellowing due to the precipitation of the coolant;

5. In case of glass mouth adhesion, the following methods can be used:

(1) Gently tap a part of the glued glass opening with a wooden material, so that it will gradually loosen and detach due to vibration (remember: do not use too much force, so as not to cause glass cracks and affect airtightness);

(2) Appropriately heat the adhesion area, so that it will be thermally expanded and separated from the inner layer;

(3) Use an ultrasonic cleaning machine to loosen the adhesion through the vibration and penetration of ultrasonic waves.