ZZKD is an integrated enterprise of industry and trade, mainly engaged in distillation and extraction equipment.Molecular distillation equipment is one of our main products, which are sold to dozens of countries in Europe, Asia, America, Africa and Oceania.

Short path molecular distillation  is different from conventional distillation. It is a distillation that does not reach gas-liquid equilibrium.The conventional distillation is based on the gas-liquid phase equilibrium. The separation is carried out at the boiling point temperature of the distillation substance according to the different composition of the distillation substance.The volatility can be expressed by the free path of molecular motion.When heated, the molecules on the liquid surface will escape into gas molecules after receiving enough energy. The escaping gas molecules will collide in the gas phase. As a result, some gas molecules will return to the liquid surface. At a certain temperature, the process will reach dynamic equilibrium.


Different kinds of molecules have different free paths due to their different effective molecular diameters, that is, the flight distances of different kinds of molecules that do not collide with other molecules after escaping from the liquid surface are not the same.Molecular distillation machine technology is based on the different properties of the average free path of different kinds of molecules escaping from the liquid surface.The average free path of light molecules is large, and that of heavy molecules is small. If a condensation surface is set at the place where the free path of light molecules is less than that of light molecules and larger than that of heavy molecules, light molecules will be condensed on the condensation surface, and heavy molecules will return to the original liquid surface because they cannot reach the condensation surface, so the mixture will be separated.