Short-path distillation is "a method of separating mixtures under reduced pressure based on differences in volatility in a boiling liquid mixture." Because of the use of lower boiling temperatures, short-path distillation tools is especially useful for separating compounds which would possibly be unstable at larger temperatures. How to use a short path distillation kit? This is also beneficial for purifying small amounts of compounds. Short path distillation involves the use of a heated flask to gradually increase the temperature of the extraction material fed into it. As the mixture heats, its vapor rises into the fractionation tube with the aid of a vacuum. The vapor enters the pipe a short distance (usually just a few centimeters) before condensing, which is where the term "short path" comes from. Because the vapor only travels a short distance, the least amount of compound is wasted on the sides of the device. After passing through the fractionation tube, the vapor enters the condenser tube. Here, they are cooled by water in a recirculating cooler, which condenses them. Depending on the weight of each fraction, they will be divided into different receiver flasks throughout the condenser.
How to use a short path distillation kit? Molecular (short-path) distillation can be applied to extract cannabidiol in medical marijuana, and the method of extracting cannabidiol in the prior art is more complicated and trivial, and the obtained cannabidiol content is relatively low. Simple operation, convenient use and low cost.
how to use a short path distillation kit

Short path distillation to extract CBD steps:

 An application method for extracting cannabidiol from medical marijuana by a molecular short-path distiller, comprising the following steps:
Step 1: choose medical marijuana extract, stand-by;
Step 2: put the extract into the feed tank and heat, when the extract melts and can flow freely, the extract solution is injected into the molecular short-path distiller with the feed pump, and the molecular (short-path) distiller is utilized to distill the extract solution. The molecular short-path still is evacuated by a vacuum pump, and the stirring speed is controlled, and a cooling/heating medium is fed into the condenser in the molecular short-path still;
Step 3: cannabidiol is collected in the receiving tank 2, and the extract residue is collected in the receiving tank 1, and simultaneously in the jacket of the receiving tank 1 and the receiving tank 2, a heat medium is passed, and heating and insulation are carried out;
Step 4: heating the freezing medium in the cold trap, obtains a small amount of THC and solvent in the receiving tank 3;
Step 5: When the extract in the feed tank is almost used up, add the extract to the feed tank until the extract is used up this time

Extraction requirements:

In described step 2, the heating temperature of described extract in feeding tank is 50~90 ℃.
In the described step 2, the heating temperature of the extract in the molecular short-path distiller is 80~200 ℃.
In the described step 2, the vacuum degree in the described molecular short path distiller is 0·001Pa~2000Pa (absolute pressure).
In described step 2, the temperature of described cooling medium is 20~100 ℃.
In described step 3, described molecular short path distiller heating temperature is 100~250 ℃.
In described step 3, described molecular short-path distiller's wall scraping linear velocity is 0.1~1m/s.
The invention can effectively distill cannabidiol (CBD) from cannabis, and is beneficial to the crystallization or re-distillation purification of cannabidiic acid (CBD).
Short path distillation is often used for compounds that are unstable at high temperatures or to purify small quantities of compounds. The advantage is that the heating temperature at reduced pressure can be much lower than the boiling point of the liquid at standard pressure, and the distillate only has to travel a short distance before condensing. The shorter path ensures that very little compound is misplaced on the side of the device.
How to use a short path distillation kit? The unmatched purity and versatility of THC distillates provide a clean and effective product with unlimited application potential. Fractional distillation and short path distillation are not new per se. In fact, these general methods have been used for many years in the early days of cannabis distillation research, as well as in other commercial industries.
how to use a short path distillation kit

Short path distillation to extract THC steps:

In order to separate compounds such as THC into pure viscous oils, multiple layers of refining must first be performed. Given that THC and other cannabinoids and terpenes are volatile and have different boiling points, they must first be separated from the cannabis plant by a solvent based on hydrocarbon or CO2 extraction techniques. The process removes valuable volatile compounds from the plant itself, while also retaining many fats, lipids and other compounds. This needs to be further refined through a process called winterization, whereby solvents such as ethanol are used to remove these undesired compounds.
1. Molecules diffuse from the liquid phase bulk to the evaporation surface:
2. Normally, the diffusion fee within the liquid section is crucial factor controlling the molecular distillation fee. The thickness of the thin liquid layer should be minimized to enhance the flow of the liquid layer. The evaporation rate increases with increasing temperature, but the separation rate sometimes decreases with increasing temperature. Therefore, a more economical and reasonable distillation temperature should be chosen based on the thermal stability of the processed materials.
3. Molecules fly from the evaporation surface to the condensation surface.
4. Molecules condense on the condensation surface: as lengthy as there's a enough temperature difference between the cold and warm sides (generally 70~100℃) and the condensation floor is easy, the condensation step could be completed instantly, so it is extremely important to decide on an inexpensive condenser.
how to use a short path distillation kit

Conditions for short path distillation:

1. The pressure of the residual gas must be low so that the mean free path length of the residual gas is a multiple of the distance between the still and condenser surfaces.
2. At saturation pressure, the mean free path length of the vapor molecules must be of the same order of magnitude as the distance between the evaporator and condenser surfaces.
3. Under these ideal conditions, the remaining gas molecules evaporate without hindrance. All vapor molecules reach the condenser floor, and the evaporation price reaches the very best possible worth at this temperature. Evaporation rate is proportional to pressure, so molecular distillation yields comparatively small fractions.
4. In short-path distillation, the distance between the condenser and the heating surface is about 20-50mm. When the pressure of the residual gas is 10-3mbar, the mean free path length of the residual gas molecules is about twice the former. Short-path stills are fully capable of meeting all the necessary conditions for molecular distillation.

Advantages of short path distillation:

1. The degree of separation is higher than that of traditional distillation, and short-path molecular distillation can separate substances that are not easily separated by conventional methods.
2. There is no boiling and bubbling phenomenon, and short-range molecular distillation is free evaporation on the surface of the liquid layer, which is carried out under low pressure. Because there is no dissolved air in the liquid, the whole liquid cannot be boiled during the distillation process, and there is no bubbling phenomenon.
3. It is non-toxic, harmless, pollution-free and residue-free, and can obtain pure and safe products, and the operation process is simple and the number of equipment used is small. Because the short-path molecular distillation has the characteristics of distillation temperature lower than the boiling point of the material, low distillation pressure, short heating time, and high degree of separation, it can greatly reduce the technical difficulty of separation of high-boiling point materials and heat-sensitive materials, and excellently protect the heat-sensitive materials. Feature quality. The molecular distillation equipment is especially used for the extraction of natural health products, etc. It can get rid of the shackles of chemical treatment methods and truly maintain the characteristics of pure nature.