Laboratory glass reactor: 

The chemical glass reactor mainly utilizes the characteristics of its double-layer glass. The reactants are placed in the interlayer by stirring the response beneath regular or negative stress. The glass reactor is sandwiched in a double walled glass reactor, and by injecting a hot answer or constant temperature cooling liquid, the supplies in the reactor are heated or cooled at a continuing temperature, and stirring is provided. In this manner, the medium in the center layer of the glass reactor could be heated or cooled by stirring and circulating the reaction. It is a generally used biochemical instrument in modern nice chemical substances, biopharmaceuticals, scientific analysis and experiments, and different industries. It can perform constant speed, fixed pressure, and fixed temperature under the situations of concentration, distillation, reflux, separation, and purification reactions. The perfect instrument for experimentation, pilot testing, and manufacturing. Double-layer glass reactor can be supplied for high-temperature reactions (the highest temperature can attain 300℃); a double-layer glass reactor can also be used for low-temperature reactions (minimum temperature can reach -80℃); a double walled glass reactor could be evacuated for vacuum reduction. pressure response. Its unique design enables extra precise check temperature management and ensures experiments are performed in a safer surroundings. 
1l jacketed reactor

Laboratory glass reactor operation method: 

First of all, the high-temperature and high-pressure chemical glass reactor is a high-pressure response vessel. The operators should endure safety training before taking on their jobs. They should not go away the high-temperature and high-pressure reactor in the course of the operation. In case of abnormal situations, the cooling water must be discharged to make sure the protection of the tools. When there is stress in the tank, it's strictly forbidden to open the kettle's lid to keep away from excessive inside stress and inflicting external impact. The utility mannequin prohibits using flammable isolation supplies in the high-temperature and high-pressure reaction kettle, and makes use of less or disables flammable isolation supplies such as dibutyl ester to examine whether or not the oil cylinder is filled with oil, whether or not the sealing groove is clean, and rust-free, and the graphite powder is coated on the surface of the sealing ring and the kettle door. The sealing surface is lubricated with graphite powder. 
According to the necessities of the guide, use the high-temperature response kettle within the specified temperature and stress range, the pressure does not exceed half of, and the pressure gauge is commonly in contrast with the commonplace pressure gauge for correction. The use of safety valves and other safety gadgets should meet the desired necessities by way of regular inspections. When utilizing a high-temperature and double walled glass reactor, it ought to be famous that the thermometer is inserted into the reaction resolution extra accurately. 
1l jacketed reactor


1.When doing the response of various media within the laboratory glass reactor 50l, it's essential to first check whether or not the principle materials medium is corroded. Special orders are required for chemical reactions that generate a considerable quantity of gas or high temperature, flammable and explosive, and reactions that trigger extreme corrosion to stainless steel, such as ultra-high stress, ultra-high temperature or chloride ions and fluoride ions in the medium. 
2.When loading the reaction medium, it mustn't exceed 2/3 of the liquid stage of the laboratory reactor body.
3.Do not disassemble with strain throughout work or on the finish of the work. It is strictly forbidden to work underneath the working situations of overpressure and overtemperature. 
4.When cleaning the laboratory glass reactor 50l, special care must be taken not to inject water or different liquids into the heating furnace to stop the heating furnace wire from burning. If the jacket heat switch oil is heated, be careful not to combine the heat switch oil with water or different liquids and frequently check the oil degree of the warmth switch oil. 
5.If there is an irregular sound within the isolation sleeve during operation, stop the machine to release the stress, and verify whether there is any abnormality within the stirring system. Periodically check the quantity of oscillation of the stirring shaft. If the swing is too large, exchange the bearing or sliding sleeve in time. 
6.Control the corresponding voltage according to the voltage used, single-phase 220v, three-phase 380v, the managed fire-fighting line, and the neutral line aren't reversed, and cannot work in the distribution line to prevent electrical shock. To guarantee the traditional operation of the controller and the personal safety of employees, please ground it. The controller itself is not explosion-proof, so flammable and explosive environments corresponding to oil and gas must be prevented. 
7.After the ultimate reaction temperature is set, it is not allowed to alter the temperature setting worth through the heating process to keep away from extreme temperature overshoot. 
1l jacketed reactor
8.Under the premise that the controller is powered on, even if the switches such as heating and stirring are not turned on, the output terminal of the rear panel of the controller continues to be stay, and it isn't allowed to pull or touch any plugs throughout operation. 
9.The glass reactor 50l working time is displayed as the interior microcontroller 8031, and the internal frequency division counts. Every time the machine is turned on and off, the accumulated information will disappear. It should be noted that the working time is displayed in sub-units, and the longest working time is 9999 minutes (166.5 hours). 
10.The correct detection place of the velocity display is essential to the steady display of the velocity. This place has been adjusted on the manufacturing facility, don't regulate it arbitrarily. 
11.Require any button to be in its initial state each time it's turned on. This requires the operator to develop good working habits, and turn the knob back to the minimal position after every turn, in order to prevent the controller from being tremendously damaged by extreme present when it's turned on subsequent time. 
12. Regularly test various instruments and explosive gadgets to make sure that their work is accurate and reliable, and the working surroundings of the gear should meet the requirements of security technical specifications. thirteen. After the chemical glass reactor is installed, the blasting outlet will be connected to the skin through pipes.