Falling film evaporators are widely used in the distillation and extraction industry,it is the one of our main products.

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Falling Film evaporator for ethanol recovery is widely used in the concentration of chemical, ketchup, glucose, starch sugar, oligosaccharide, caramel, sorbitol, fresh milk, fruit juice, vitamin C, maltodextrin, pharmaceutical and other aqueous solutions. Besides, it is also widely used in the waste liquid treatment of monosodium glutamate, alcohol, fish powder and other fields.

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Falling film evaporator application:

It is suitable for salt materials whose concentration is lower than the saturated concentration value after evaporation and sauce materials with heat sensitivity, viscosity, foamability, low concentration and good fluidity.Especially suitable for low-temperature continuous evaporation and concentration in milk, glucose, starch, xylose, pharmaceutical, chemical, biological engineering, environmental protection engineering, waste liquid recovery and other industries. It has the main characteristics of high heat transfer efficiency and short heating time of materials.

Falling film evaporator system composition:

Evaporators, separators, condensers, heat pressure pumps, vacuum pumps, various effect feed pumps, condensate pumps, operating platforms, electrical control cabinets, automatic control systems and valve pipelines, etc.

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Falling film evaporator features:

1.The material liquid is heated in the evaporator at a low temperature, and most of it is heated under vacuum and reduced pressure to complete the evaporation, which belongs to low-temperature evaporation.The material liquid is continuously fed and discharged, and the material liquid is liquid film flow evaporation, which has the characteristics of high heat transfer efficiency and fast evaporation rate.If the thermal compression technology is adopted, the secondary steam can be fully utilized as the heating source, and the energy saving effect is significant, and good economic benefits have been obtained in production practice.

2. The equipment is suitable for the evaporation and concentration of foaming materials. Because the material liquid evaporates in the heating tube as a film, vapor-liquid separation is formed. At the same time, at the bottom of the tank, most of the material liquid is pumped away, and only a small part of the material liquid Into the separator to strengthen the separation, the whole process of the material and liquid does not form too much impact, which greatly reduces the generation of foam.

3. The material is accelerated and pressurized to evaporate along the inner wall of each tube. The material liquid stays in the evaporator for a short time, which maximizes the beneficial elements in the material liquid, and is suitable for the evaporation of non-heat sensitive materials. Fruit juice, coffee, beverages, medical and health care products, corn deep processing and sewage treatment have all been successfully used in industrial production.

4. For the evaporation and concentration of food, the equipment can have sterilization function at the same time. The material is preheated first, and then enters the sterilizer. The temperature is above 86°C-94°C for about 24 seconds. The material evaporates quickly and the temperature drops instantly.

5. The equipment can be equipped with a CIP cleaning system to realize on-site cleaning. The whole set of equipment is easy to operate and has no dead ends.

6. The equipment can be equipped with an automation system to realize automatic control of feed volume, automatic control of heating temperature, automatic control of discharge concentration, automatic control of cleaning, and can also be equipped with protective measures for sensitive materials in the event of sudden power outages and failures. Other automatic operation control such as security and alarm.