Double glass reactor:

Double-jacketed glass reactors are designed to artificially react many types of supplies in a controlled temperature and vacuum environment. Each reactor has a choice of adjustable stirring speed and a continuous strain feed funnel, allowing you to add material to the vessel at a uniform and controlled rate. A built-in condenser can recover some supplies, plus it can control the speed. 100l jacketed glass reactor are designed for an integrated response to multiple types of supplies in a controlled temperature and vacuum environment. The double-layer jacketed glass reactor is designed with double-layer glass. The inside enters the reaction medium for stirring reaction, and the interlayer can pass through completely different cold sources for cyclic heating or cooling reaction. The principle of the jacketed high pressure glass reactor is two parts, inside the glass, the combined rod is continuously stirred under unfavorable vacuum pressure to make the mixing or evaporation reaction. Stir under speed control.
100l jacketed glass reactor
Laminated glass can provide heating or cooling materials to aid chemical reactions. In recent years, glass reactors have been widely used in chemical, organic and pharmaceutical experiments and production. There are a total of 6 ports on the response hood for the motor, condenser, temperature sensor, solids containment, air-launch and funnel pot. High borosilicate glass material, double-layer stirring anchor, corrosion-resistant PTFE material. Speed ​​controller, can modify speed and display temperature. Oil vacuum gauge, shockproof throughout the stirring process; high-efficiency floor condenser. Discharge valve, is easy to discharge. There are two types of quick flange clamps, threaded and straight, to connect different gears. 10L receiving bottle, GG-17 borosilicate glass. Each reactor has a choice of adjustable agitation speeds and constant stress feed funnels, allowing you to add material to the vessel at a uniform, controlled rate. Jacketed reaction vessels are used to artificially respond to different types of materials in a controlled temperature and vacuum environment. The reaction vessel also operates under vacuum, making it optimal for any atmosphere-sensitive application. They can be made of glass and vary in volume from 1 liter to 200 liters.

100l jacketed glass reactor introduction:

Manufactured for Double Jacketed Glass Reactors R100 Series 100l jacketed glass reactor. These jackets will extend the life of your chiller, keep you cool all the time, and likewise reduce your utility bills. These 100-liter glass reactors are made of high-quality durable materials corresponding to chrome steel, SUS304, and 316L metal, making them a sustainable and durable commodity. These sturdy 100-liter high-pressure glass reactors are extremely resistant to stationary use and different types of shock, providing reliable service. These products are equipped with high-speed dispersers for stable dispersion and mixing with liquids. These 100-liter glass reactors include timing gadgets that help reduce the incidence of murmurs when working at low temperatures. Different heating or cooling liquids, such as water or oil, can be injected into the interlayer of the drug reactor to provide a constant reaction temperature. At the same time, pay attention to the following problems: the PTFE discharge valve has no dead angle, and the solid material is easily discharged from the bottom.
100l jacketed glass reactor
The 100L double-layer glass reactor is a multi-functional reactor, which can be stirred by the inner layer of reaction solvent. The interlayer can be heated/cooled by cold and heat sources. The pace can be set by speed, screw, and torque, which is convenient and handy. Your safety is of the utmost importance to us! Be careful when handling. Users of glass reaction devices should take all necessary precautions to avoid contact with rotating parts, especially entanglement of unfastened clothing, hair, necklaces, or other jewelry. In these cases, the wrapping action of the rotating parts can pull the user into the device, resulting in broken glassware, burns, and/or chemical exposure. Extra care must also be taken with supplies when using an air reactor, especially under vacuum. Leaks can draw air into the device and cause a violent reaction. High-quality 100-layer glass single-jacketed reactor WT-R series single- and double-jacketed glass for crystallization and reaction. It also exhibits excellent mixing in laboratory reactors at atmospheric or sub-atmospheric pressures.

The supporting facilities of the double-layer glass reactor:

The high pressure glass reactor is equipped with a free insulating jacket to ensure maximum temperature control. This large 100L glass reactor has only one jacket and works well with heated or cooled fluids throughout the reaction chamber. Alloy metal mechanical seal, teflon joint, maintains an ultra-precision seal in the working environment. PTFE stirring paddle, suitable for stirring and mixing of low-viscosity or high-viscosity liquids. The 100l jacketed glass reactor is mainly used for experiments such as distillation and synthesis of similar materials. It has long focused on the selection of laboratory equipment. We provide excellent equipment and equipment for research institutes, laboratories, enterprises, universities, etc. all over the world. Solvent resistant PTFE on all seal components ensures very long durability and operation. The high temperature experiment is limited to 250C, and the low temperature experiment is limited to -60C. The back flange discharge port adopts Teflon value, and the aluminum flange is used to fasten the container without expensive ends. This is in the order of 10L to 100L, if it's too big for you, please contact our sales, there are also smaller ones. Reactors are covered with completely different openings to understand the results of completely different feeds, temperature measurements, recovered fractions, etc.
100l jacketed glass reactor
These proficient 100l glass reactors include liquid grade instrumentation and vessel sterilization of the tubular glass grade instrumentation type. Jacketed Glass Reactor The amount of heating or cooling medium circulating within the jacket to provide a fixed temperature in your response. Make an over-temperature reaction or a low-temperature reaction. Circulating chiller Low temperature circulating pump. Jacketed glass reactors are designed for synthesis reactions with a variety of supplies in a controlled temperature and vacuum environment. Robust stainless steel reinforced PTFE stirrer with anchored stirrer for a wide range of viscous materials. Multi-layer stirring blades are optional.
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