DZF-6010 Vacuum Drying Oven
DZF-6010 Vacuum Drying Oven
DZF-6010 Vacuum Drying Oven
DZF-6010 Vacuum Drying Oven
Vacuum Drying Oven

DZF-6010 Vacuum Drying Oven

Electric vacuum drying oven DZF-6010. It is a corrosion-resistant drying oven equipment with a capacity of 8L and a temperature range of RT + 10~200 °C.The drying oven door uses a silicone rubber forming ring to ensure a vacuum and a maximum vacuum of 0.098 Mpa.


- The vacuum tube around makes room temperature more uniform, avoiding organic connecting with fires burring.
- Set temp and control are all intelligent digital display, high accuracy.
- The drying oven adopt jacketed vacuum glass door. On one hand, it keeps the temp in room; On the other hand you can see the dried instruments clearly.
- The door that can be adjusted is overall the silicone rubber molding circle, can insure the vacuum degree.
- Microcomputer control PID (Digital display) instrument with functions of high precision on temperature control, over-temperature alarm and automatic cutout.


DZF-6010 vacuum drying oven

vacuum gauge

double layer explosion-proof glass

silicon rubber strip


  For the perfect use of the entire vacuum drying oven system, you may need the following equipment

- Circulating water type multi-function vacuum pump
- Diaphragm vacuum pump
- Rotary vane vacuum pump

  After sale

- 1 year warranty service and all life maintenance.
- Technical Egineer are avalible for oversea trainning.
- Free change for some parts
- Remote control technical consult
- Free installation DVD
- Maintenance plan




Delivery method

Model DZF-6010
Power Supply 220V/50HZ
Shell Material Spray-paint Anti-corrosion
Liner Material 304 Stainless Steel
Temp. Range RT+10~200°C
Max. Vacuum Degree 0.098 Mpa
Temp. Stability ±1.0°C
Input Power (W) 400
Shelves (Pcs) 1
Chamber capacity 8L
Optional Configuration Explosion-proof

1.How many How many shelves can your blast drying oven hold?

Different models hold different number shelves,such as 1, 2, 3 shelves. That will be according to the models.

2. What is your max temperature?

Max 250℃, 200℃is normal.

3. What kind of size do you have?

We have 8L(0.28 cu ft), 25L(0.9 cu ft), 55L(1.9 cu ft), 91L(3.2 cu ft), 215L(9cu ft). They are normal and popular models. If you need bigger size we can supply it too.