Rotary Evaporator Extraction
Rotary Evaporator Extraction
Rotary Evaporator Extraction
Rotary Evaporator Extraction
Rotary Evaporator

Rotary Evaporator Extraction

The evaporating flask extracted by the rotary evaporator rotates at a constant speed, and the water bath is heated at a constant temperature. Under this condition: the material forms a large-area uniform film on the inner wall of the evaporating flask, which can improve the evaporation efficiency under vacuum conditions, and the solvent vapor is cooled when it passes through the glass condensation coil. into a liquid and recovered in a collection bottle. The 10L rotary vacuum evaporator has a dual coil condenser for better condensation. It is available in an explosion-proof version.

rotary evaporator extraction

Basic configuration of rotary evaporator extraction:

1. The parts in contact with the material are all made of high borosilicate glass (expansion coefficient 3.3) and polytetrafluoroethylene material, which has stable performance and is not easy to chemically react with the material.
2. The main bracket is made of cold plate anti-corrosion spray + aluminum alloy, and the pot is made of 304 stainless steel.
3. The sealing system adopts polytetrafluoroethylene + fluorine rubber composite seal.
4. The oily vacuum pressure gauge shows real-time vacuum, and the pointer shows it.
5. The piston-type feeding valve is socketed with a PTFE extension tube, which can continuously feed to the evaporating flask under vacuum.
6. Vertical double-layer serpentine coil double condensers, main cooling + auxiliary cooling double condensers.
7. Large LCD display, simultaneously control rotation, heating and lifting.
8. The rotating motor is a brushless deceleration and booster motor, which has no spark and low noise; the lifting motor is also a deceleration and booster motor.
9. Bathing pot constant temperature control, PT100 sensor + stainless steel probe at the bottom of the pot.
10. The electric bath is lifted and lowered, and the bath is equipped with a silicone cover, which is heat-insulated and anti-scald.
11. Rotation, heating double fuse safety protection.
12. The collection bottle has a lower discharge port, connected to glass + PTFE independent discharge valve.
13. Vacuum switching valve can carry out continuous collection and discharge without affecting the system vacuum and solution distillation.
14. Over-temperature safety protection function, when the actual temperature exceeds the set temperature by 5°C, the machine will automatically cut off the power when it is heated.
15. Anti-dry function, when the water level in the heating pot is lower than the heating tube, the machine will automatically cut off the power.
16. If the power is suddenly cut off during the machine's work, when the power is turned on again, the machine will automatically stop heating.
rotary evaporator extraction

Rotary evaporator extraction features:

1. Host part: the introduction of advanced transmission system, reasonable structure, durable, and strong practicability. (rotary interface)
2. Control and temperature part: introduce advanced frequency conversion control system and temperature control system to ensure the precise performance of the instrument.
3. Water bath pot: 304 stainless steel plate is selected for one-time stamping and forming, and the water bath electric lift and manual lift are matched, which is convenient to use.
4. Sealing parts: New foreign PTFE material is selected, PTEE and fluororubber double rotary seals are processed by special technology to enhance sealing, corrosion resistance and wear resistance. (flange sealing ring)
5. Collection system: Adopting a new type of vacuum switching valve, continuous collection can be carried out without affecting the system vacuum and solution distillation.
6. Main structure: It is made of high-quality steel and 304 stainless steel, and the appearance is fully sprayed with plastic, which is more perfect and improves the reasonable performance of the instrument.
7. PTEE discharge valve, corrosion resistance, no pollution. (discharging valve)

The scope of use of rotary evaporator extraction:

R-1010 rotary evaporator adopts large-capacity, large-diameter rotary evaporator with large evaporation area. It is placed in a water bath under reduced pressure and heated while rotating to make the solution diffuse and evaporate efficiently. It is widely used in large-scale concentration and drying of samples. , extraction, recovery, etc., can be used in small-scale test, pilot test and production in the fields of biology, medicine, chemical industry, food and so on. The large-scale rotary evaporator can be combined with circulating water multi-purpose vacuum pumps, diaphragm vacuum pumps, low-temperature circulating pumps, circulating coolers, constant temperature circulators, low-temperature coolant circulating pumps, etc. to form a system device.
rotary evaporator extraction

Recommended combination: rotary evaporation-vacuum-low temperature system:

1. 20L, 30L, 50L medium and large rotary steamers
2. SHB-E large pumping capacity water circulation vacuum pump
3. DLSB-30/30, 30/40 or DL-3000, DL-5000 cryogenic system

Model R-1010 Rortayr Evaporator
Optimum ambient temperature(℃) 5-35
Working power supply(V/Hz) Single phase 220/60
Main engine speed(RPM) 20-130
Main engine speed control Digital direct current stepless speed regulation
Rotary electric machine(W) Brushless 250
Temperature control(℃) Digital display temperature control,room temperature -99℃
Maximum vacuum(Pa) 399.9(Below 3mmHg)
Rotating bottle(L) 10
Recoverty bottle(L) 5
Condenser tube The vertical main cold+cold side,high efficiency reflux condenser.
Evaporation capacity(L/h) The water is more than 3.2 Alcohol is more than 6.5
Water bath pot material Stainless steel
Water bath pot size(mm) φ350*220
Lifting function Electric lift
Lift stroke(mm) 0-160
Whole power(Kw) 3.0
Outline dimension(mm) 920*550*1700

1. How many degrees does the cryogenic pump of the R-1010 cool down?

We can produce cryogenic pumps up to -120 ° C, and the DLSB series of cryogenic coolant circulation pumps range from -5 ° C to -120 ° C. With a 5L to 100L effluent capacity, you can choose from it. Customized requirements.

2. Does the circulating water vacuum pump have 110V/60Hz power?

Of course, the vertical circulating water vacuum pump has vacuum pump equipment of different powers such as 220V/50Hz, 220V/50Hz, 110V/60Hz. The SHZ series of circulating water vacuum pumps are suitable for rotary evaporators of 10L, 20L and 50L.

3. How to package glass equipment?

We package these glass equipment in a good non-fumigation standard plywood box, which can reduce the shock and better protect the glass part of the equipment.