Mini Rotary Evaporator
Mini Rotary Evaporator
Mini Rotary Evaporator
Mini Rotary Evaporator
Rotary Evaporator

Mini Rotary Evaporator

The small RE-5299 desktop rotary evaporator has a rotating bottle capacity of 0.25 to 2L and a temperature difference of ±1 °C. Continuously distill large amounts of volatile solvents. Especially for the concentration of the extract and the distillation of the receiving liquid during chromatographic separation, the reaction product can be separated and purified. As the evaporator is evacuated, the boiling point of the solvent to be distilled decreases. Usually, the components distilled from the sample are the components of interest in chemical research, such as extracting a natural component from an organic synthesis sample. The mini rotary evaporator is mostly used to separate low-boiling components, such as hexane and ethyl acetate, which are liquid at room temperature and atmospheric pressure. In addition, through standardized operation, it is also possible to remove certain components contained in the sample.
mini rotary evaporator

Structural features of mini rotary evaporator:

1. Main engine rotation: It is composed of a stable and reliable precision geared motor and an integrated circuit, which can be adjusted steplessly within the range of 0-150 rpm. Its level exceeds RE-52AA, and it is a leader among similar products.
2. Lifting and lowering of the host machine: the micro motor is used to change the speed, and the machine can automatically rise and fall by pressing the switch by hand. Equipped with an emergency hand wheel, when the "micro-motor speed change device" fails or a sudden power failure occurs, just turn the hand wheel on the top of the column to make the main machine go up and down, which is simple and reliable.
3. Host tilt: loosen the Phillips screw to tilt it arbitrarily within the range of 0-45 degrees. The condenser pipe made of heat-resistant high-quality glass is sleeved on the head of the host so that it can be tilted accordingly. Equipped with a valve-type feeding tube for continuous feeding.
4. Heating water tank: high-quality stainless steel drum, closed heating wire heater, embedded metal sensor connected to temperature digital display, automatic temperature control, room temperature -99°. The heating pot is equipped with a fully transparent protective cover, heat preservation, energy saving, explosion-proof, splash-proof, anti-pollution, and a drain valve is set. In addition, the heating tank can also move left and right according to the size of the bottle used.
5. Condensation system: The condensation pipe is made of large-diameter high-temperature-resistant high-quality glass, and the inner wall cooling water pipe is made of serpentine double-circuit glass. There is a ground joint on the top for vacuuming, and the other end is inserted into a white pipe with a standard ground joint, and the evaporation flask is connected. When the flask is rotated, the solution in the bottle is diffused and evaporated on the inner wall. Large-aperture evaporation tubes speed up the evaporation rate.
6. Evaporation pipeline: Teflon is used, and fluororubber sealing ring is added to the connection part to maintain vacuum.
7. Main metal parts: Made of corrosion-resistant high-quality stainless steel to prolong the service life.

mini rotary evaporator

The mini rotary evaporator has the following characteristics:

1. It is composed of a group of stable and reliable micro-motors, speed-measuring motors and integrated circuits, and realizes 0-120 rpm stepless speed regulation under the action of electronic speed regulation;
2. Embedded sensor, digital display temperature, automatic temperature control;
3. Loosen the Phillips screw, the host can be tilted arbitrarily within the range of 0-15°;
4. The condensing system is connected to the machine head, which can be tilted accordingly, and the material can be fed continuously. The vertical high-efficiency serpentine condenser makes the solvent condense quickly, and the recovery rate is close to 100%;
5. Digital display speed and heating pot temperature, all parameters are clear at a glance;
6. It has anti-dry protection function and safe temperature circuit;
7. The speed of the micro-motor is variable, and the automatic lifting of the motor can be realized by pressing the switch by hand. The speed range is wide, and the speed can be set freely between 0-120rpm;
8. Stable start, forward and reverse operation;
9. Sturdy and durable design, glass components coated with explosion-proof film can be selected according to needs;
10. The closed resistance wire heating tube is used, connected to the temperature digital display, which can automatically switch on or off the power supply to achieve automatic control of the water temperature in the tank;
11. Teflon and fluorine rubber sealing ring are double-sealed to maintain high vacuum;
12. The external sink is made of high-quality stainless steel, which can prolong the service life.
The mini rotary evaporator adopts micro-motor variable speed, which can realize the rise or fall of the host machine by manual or electric means, embedded sensors, digital display temperature, automatic temperature control, and more accurate and convenient experimental operation. The rotary evaporator can rotate to form a thin film under constant temperature heating and negative pressure conditions, evaporate efficiently, and then recover the solvent after cooling, especially suitable for crystallization, separation, and solvent recovery of heat-sensitive materials.

Model RE-5299
Evaporating Flask 0.25~2L
Receiving Flask 0.25~1L
Rotating Motor 40W
Rotating Speed 0~120R/MIN
Water(Oil) Bath Power 1500W
Temperature Control Range Intelligent digital control  RT~399℃
Temperature Fluctuation ±1℃
Evaporation Rate(H2O) >1L/h
Condenser Vertical  Condenser
Lifting Mode Electric Lifting
Lifing Height 0~120mm
Voltage 220V50HZ
Sealing Mode PTFE,Fluoro Rubber Sealing
Note Customized configuration is available

1. What is the maximum temperature?

Temperature range: RT - 180 ° C oil bath.
Temperature range: RT - 99 ° C water bath.

2. How big is your size?

We can provide you with 0.25L, 0.5L, 1L, 2L, 3L, 5L, 10L, 20L, 50L.

3. Which payment method do you accept?

Usually we accept TT, Paypal, Western Union, Alibaba Trust and Letter of Credit. The exact payment method and shipping method will be discussed during the transaction.

4. How to package glass equipment?

We package these glass equipment in a good non-fumigation standard plywood box, which can reduce the shock and better protect the glass part of the equipment.