Large Scale Rotary Evaporator
Large Scale Rotary Evaporator
Large Scale Rotary Evaporator
Large Scale Rotary Evaporator
Rotary Evaporator

Large Scale Rotary Evaporator

The 50L large capacity D-R1050 rotary evaporator has a dual condenser, and the double receiving bottle can greatly improve work efficiency. Increase the evaporation area, put it in a water bath under reduced pressure, and heat while rotating to make the solution diffuse and evaporate efficiently. Large scale rotary evaporators are widely used in large scale concentration, drying, extraction, recovery, etc. of samples. It is an ideal equipment for mass production in chemical industry, medicine, food, environmental protection, colleges and universities, scientific research laboratories and industrial and mining units.
large scale rotary evaporator

Large scale rotary evaporator features:

Host part: the introduction of the domestic advanced traditional system, reasonable structure, durable, strong practicability. Control, temperature: the introduction of foreign advanced frequency conversion control system, temperature control system to ensure the precise performance of the instrument.
Water bath: Imported stainless steel is used for one-time stamping. Vertical, automatic lifting function, stable speed, no impact.
Condenser tube: high efficiency, heat-resistant glass, large-diameter three-reflux spiral condensation structure, increasing the condensation area, saving time and money. Material inlet and outlet combination valve: original FTFE three-way combination valve. Arbitrary control of gas flow, liquid flow, feeding and discharging without stopping the machine, improving work efficiency.
Sealing parts: use the latest foreign PTFE material. Treated with special technology to enhance sealing, anti-corrosion and wear resistance.
Theme structure: high-quality aluminum alloy and stainless steel materials are used to further improve and improve the reasonable performance of the instrument.

Large scale rotary evaporator operating procedures:

1. Vacuuming: After turning on the vacuum pump, if you find that the vacuum cannot be pumped, you should check whether the mouth of each bottle is sealed, whether the vacuum pump itself leaks, and whether the sealing ring at the rotating shaft is intact. A vacuum switch is connected in series with the external vacuum tube to fine-tune the evaporation speed. .
2. Feeding: Using the vacuum negative pressure of the system, there is no need to stop the machine. The liquid material can be sucked into the rotary bottle with a hose on the feeding port. The liquid material should not exceed half of the rotary bottle. This instrument can be connected to feeding, when feeding, pay attention to slowly open the cock of the feeding tube to prevent backflow.
3. Heating: This instrument is equipped with a specially designed lifting water bath. When using it, water must be added before powering on. Dry heating is strictly prohibited. When adding water to the water bath, the rotary bottle should be immersed in 1/3~1/2 of the water.
4. Rotation: Turn on the switch of the electric control box and adjust the knob to ensure the evaporation speed.
5. Connect the cooling water.
6. Solvent recovery: without stopping the machine, close the valve of the recovery bottle and open the discharge piston to release the solvent in the collection bottle.
large scale rotary evaporator

Basic configuration of large scale rotary evaporator:

1. The parts in contact with the material are all made of high borosilicate glass (expansion coefficient 3.3) and polytetrafluoroethylene material, which has stable performance and is not easy to chemically react with the material.
2. The main bracket is made of cold plate anti-corrosion spray + aluminum alloy, and the pot is made of stainless steel.
3. The sealing system adopts polytetrafluoroethylene + fluorine rubber composite seal.
4. The vacuum pressure gauge shows real-time vacuum, and the pointer shows it.
5. The piston-type feeding valve is socketed with a PTFE extension tube, which can continuously feed to the evaporating flask under vacuum.
6. Vertical double-layer serpentine coil double condensers, main cooling + auxiliary cooling double condensers.
7. Inverter speed regulation, tilt button (ON-OFF) switch, fine adjustment by knob, speed digital display.
8. The temperature of the constant temperature bath is digitally displayed, controlled by a button switch with a lock, and a K-type sensor at the bottom of the pot + a stainless steel probe.
9. The hand wheel of the bathing pot goes up and down.
10. Rotation, heating double fuse safety protection.
11. The collection bottle has a lower discharge port, equipped with glass + PTFE independent discharge valve.
12. There is a drain valve at the bottom of the pot for easy draining.
13. Vacuum switching valve can carry out continuous collection and discharge without affecting the system vacuum and solution distillation.
large scale rotary evaporator

Grouped equipment:

- Circulating vacuum pump
- Diaphragm vacuum pump
- Low temperature coolant circulation pump
- Low temperature constant temperature reaction bath
- Circulating cooler
-Constant temperature circulator
-Low temperature circulation pump

Mode D-R1050
Optimum ambient temperature(℃) 5~35
Working power supply (V/Hz) Three phase 220-240V/380v/60Hz
Main engine speed control Digital direct current stepless speed
Main engine speed (RPM) 20~110
Rotary electric machine (W) Brushless 250
Temperature control (℃) Digital display temperature control,room temperature -99
Maximum vacuum (Pa) 399.9(Below 3mmHg)
Rotating bottle (L) 50
Flange Size Flange 125
Receiving bottle (L) 20
Condenser tube Vertical double main condensers + one auxiliary condenser, High effeciency reflux coil condensers
Evaporation capacity (L/h) Water ≥9
Alcohol ≥19
Water bath pot material Stainless steel
Water bath pot size (mm) Φ550×320
Lifting function Electric + hand lift
Lift stick (mm) 0~180
Whole power (KW) 4.0(220-240V)
Outline dimension (mm) 1320×770×2340

1. How many degrees can the D-R1050 rotary evaporator be heated?

Up to 400 ° C temperature

2. Is the machine working loudly?

The sound is small and can be ignored

3. Can I adjust the height of the rotating bottle?

The height of the rotating bottle cannot be adjusted, but the heating surface of the bottle can be felt by adjusting the height of the water/oil pan (electrical lifting).

4. How long can the rotary evaporator work continuously?

The rotary evaporator can work all the time, but it needs to be shut down for maintenance and maintenance after running for a period of time, which can increase the service life of the equipment.

5. Can I monitor the temperature inside the instrument in real time?

Of course, you can observe the real-time temperature through the LED display for your convenience.