20L Rotary Evaporator
20L Rotary Evaporator
20L Rotary Evaporator
20L Rotary Evaporator
Rotary Evaporator

20L Rotary Evaporator

The 20L rotary evaporator system can be sealed and decompressed to 400-600 mm Hg; the solvent in the distillation bottle is heated with a heating bath, and the heating temperature can be close to the boiling point of the solvent; at the same time, it can also rotate at a speed of 50-160 rpm , so that the solvent forms a thin film and increases the evaporation area. In addition, under the action of the cooler, the hot vapor can be quickly liquefied to speed up the evaporation rate. 20l rotary evaporator RE-2002. As a laboratory equipment, it is equipped with intelligent PID precise temperature control. And with corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, borosilicate glass.
20L rotary evaporator

20L rotary evaporator features:

1.International advanced EL gas- tight system keeps high vacuum degree. Gas- liquid separator , no reflux
2.Double condenser, collection rate over 95%
3.Easy to install and setup evaporating flask
4.Continuous feeding is available (Inlet Value)
5.Water bath, intelligent PID temp. controller, can be lifted up and down.
6.Reasonable structure, exquisite material. Mechanical parts are made of stainless and aluminum die casting . corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, borosilicate glass.
7.New standard materials rubber parts
The vacuum system for a rotary evaporator can be a simple water suction pump immersed in a cold water bath, or a mechanical vacuum pump with cooling tubes. Evaporating and condensing glass assemblies can be simple or complex, depending on the goals of the distillation, and the properties of the solvent to be distilled. When using, there are the following points to pay attention to:
1. Height adjustment: manual lifting, turn the hand wheel on the top of the machine column, clockwise to rise, reverse to fall. Electric lift, touch the up button to raise the host, and touch the down button to lower the host.
2. There are two external connectors on the condenser for cooling water connection, one end is connected to the water inlet and the other end is connected to the outlet water. Generally, it is connected to tap water. The lower the temperature of the condensed water, the better the effect. The upper port is equipped with a vacuum connector, which is connected to the vacuum pump skin tube for vacuuming.
3. Before turning on the machine, turn the speed control knob to the left to the minimum, press the power switch to light up, and then slowly turn it to the right to the required speed. Generally, the large evaporating bottle is used for medium and low speed, and the solution with high viscosity uses a lower speed. The flask is the standard interface No. 24, with 500ml and 1000ml two flasks attached, the solution volume is generally not more than 50%.
4. When using, depressurize first, and then start the motor to rotate the distillation flask. At the end, stop the motor first, and then open the atmosphere to prevent the distillation flask from falling off during rotation.
20L rotary evaporator

20L rotary evaporator installation method:

1. Open the packing box, take out the cold pipe, and insert one end of the frosted mouth into the bottom horizontal flask in sequence.
2. Refer to the schematic diagram to connect the rubber tube, and the upper cover can be covered or not (covered). Slant up the nozzle of the cooling tube from the upper left, slowly cover it and place it flat on the instrument.
3. Connect the outlet pipe of the cold pipe (the inner group) to lead out to the plastic barrel. (Note: The round hole introduces the rubber into the barrel)
4. Working method: Open the cold water inlet valve in front of the electric one and introduce it to the water inlet of the electric one horizontal flask, so that it flows into the flask, and the water level is filled to half until there is water flow at the overflow; the other way leads Drain in the sink.
5. Plug in the power supply, turn on the No. 1 switch, the working indicator light is on, indicating that the first flask is working, wait for the steamed water to flow into the No. Valve, wait for the water outlet to flow out, then turn on the power and the secondary distillation starts to work. Quartz automatic double distilled water device cleaning method: The device works for a long time, and scale will be generated. The scale can be poured into the scale in the horizontal flask with 20% nitric acid. After soaking for four hours, it is discharged from the drain, rinsed with tap water three times and then rinsed with ionized water three times, then it can be reused.
20L rotary evaporator

Daily maintenance of 20L rotary evaporator:

1.In daily work, please turn off the power at any time in case of water or power failure, so as not to damage the instrument, which may prolong its service life.
2.Working for a long time, the electric heating wire will be aging, and it needs to be checked regularly to see if it needs to be replaced. When a bright spot is found every time the power is turned on, it means that the furnace wire is about to be broken, and it is appropriate to replace it in time. Don't wait until it's completely disconnected to replace it.
3.To replace the electric heating wire, the heating wire needs to be drawn to a certain length (depending on the length of the electric heating tube), and one end of the electric heating tube should be inserted until it comes out. until it is loose.



Model RE-2002
Evaporating Flask (L) 20
Receiving Flask(L) 10
Rotating Motor(W) 180
Rotating(R/min) 0-120
Evaporation Speed(L/H2O) >5L/h
Condenser Cooling Surface (sq.m.) 1
Vacuum Degree 0.098Mpa
Sealing Mode PTFE Sealing System
Max Vacuum Degree <133pa
Water Bath Configuration Water Bath Lifting or Electric Hois
Water(Oil) Bath Power(kw) 5
Temperature Control Range 0-99(250)℃
Temp Fluctuation/Resolution ±1/1℃
Condenser Vertical Double Condenser
Voltage (V/Hz) 220V  50/60
Note Customized configuration is available.

1. What is the maximum temperature?

Temperature range: RT - 390 ° C oil bath.
Temperature range: RT - 99 ° C water bath.

2. How many degrees does the cryogenic pump in the RE-2002 rotary steaming system cool down?

We can produce cryogenic pumps up to -120 ° C, and the DLSB series of cryogenic coolant circulation pumps range from -5 ° C to -120 ° C. With a 5L to 100L effluent capacity, you can choose from it. Customized requirements.

3. What kind of glass is used in the RE-2002 rotary evaporator?

It is made of borosilicate glass, which has good heat resistance and shock resistance. It is durable and durable. It is easy to clean. The heat resistant temperature can reach 400 ° C, and the range of withstand temperature drastic changes is 120 ° C.

4. How will you deliver these goods?

It will be decided based on your quantity. Usually we will choose international express, air and sea.