Solvent recovery machine
Solvent recovery machine
Solvent recovery machine
Solvent recovery machine

Solvent recovery machine

The solvent recovery machine adopts the principle of distillation and separation, and regenerates and recycles the waste organic solvent after recycling the used organic solvent. (The equipment is restored to a new solvent and put into the production process again to achieve multiple recycling of the solvent to save costs and achieve the purpose of environmentally friendly production.)

Solvent recovery machine
20-450L feed capacity
380v power supply
5-200℃ temperature range
95% rate of recovery
PID intelligent control
EX controller

Simple operation: no need for special personnel to operate, employees only need to add materials, turn on the power supply, and clean up the residue, and the whole process is automatically recycled and automatically shut down; saving human resources. The quality of the solvent after recovery is as good as new: because the equipment adopts the principle of distillation and separation, no chemical components are added, and the chemical characteristics of the solvent will not be changed in the slightest.

Solvent recovery system

It can be used for the recovery of the following solvents:
1) Aromatic hydrocarbons
2) Aliphatic hydrocarbons
3) Alicyclic hydrocarbons
4) Halogenated hydrocarbons


1) Explosion proof
It has obtained the complete machine explosion proof certificate to ensure safety during operation.

2) Stainless steel
The shell of solvent recovery machine is made of stainless steel,which is corrosion resistant and easy to clean.

3) Easy to operate
90°-  120°rotating slag discharge,which can be operated by a single person,which is simple and convenient.

4) Stability
The distillation separation and recovery process does not change the chemical composition of the original solvent.

Model Feed
range (℃)
time (Min.)
SR-20Ex 20 380 3 5~200 120 95
SR-40Ex 40 380 4 5~200 150 95
SR-60Ex 60 380 5 5~200 180 95
SR-80Ex 80 380 6 5~200 210 95
SR-100Ex 100 380 8 5~200 240 95
SR-125Ex 125 380 8 5~200 240 95
SR-250Ex 250 380 16 5~200 270 95
SR-450Ex 450 380 32 5~200 270 95

1) What is the main function of the solvent recovery machine?
The main function of the solvent recovery machine is to recycle and process the used organic solvent, so as to regenerate and recycle the waste organic solvent.

2) What are the advantages of your solvent recovery system?
With stainless steel housing and explosion-proof motor, our solvent recovery machines are safe, corrosion-resistant, easy to clean, and easy to operate.

3) What capacity do your solvent recovery machines have?
Our solvent recovery machines have capacities ranging from 20L to 450L.