UC Serie Ultrasonic Cleaner
UC Serie Ultrasonic Cleaner
UC Serie Ultrasonic Cleaner
UC Serie Ultrasonic Cleaner

UC Serie Ultrasonic Cleaner

The surface of the UC series stainless steel ultrasonic washing machine is electrolytically polished, which has a good anticorrosive effect. The cleaning time is 1-99 minutes and the temperature is 1-80 ° C.
With the main research and development of industrial-grade high Q value sensors, the ultrasonic conversion efficiency is high, long life.


- Independently research and develop the MCU-weep ultrasonic generator drive circuit, the ultrasonic effect is even and strong.
- Independent research and development of industrial-grade high Q value transducer, high ultrasonic conversion efficiency, and long service life.
- One-button degassing function, quick removal of water in the air, the better ultrasonic cleaning effect
- Power adjustment function can be adjusted according to different requirements of cleaning products to achieve the best cleaning effect
- Imported high-strength glue, no nail bonding process, the longer service life of the tank.
- Digital timing, cleaning time 1-99min and digital heating control, temperature 1-80 °C arbitrary setting.
- The inner tank is made of imported SUS304 and 1.0mm stainless steel.
- The washing basket is made of high quality 304 stainless steel mesh and the surface is electrolytically polished.
- The shell is made of high-quality stainless steel for better anti-corrosion effect.


UC Series Ultrasonic Cleaner

Ultrasonic Cleaner

Stainless steel ultrasonic cleaner

ultrasonic washing

  As a popular cleaning equipment, ultrasonic cleaner is suitable for the following industries:

Ultrasonic cleaners are widely used in surface spray treatment, machinery, electronics, medical, semiconductor, watch and jewelry, optics, textile printing and other industries.

  After sale

- 1 year warranty service and all life maintenance.
- Technical Egineer are avalible for oversea trainning.
- Free change for some parts
- Remote control technical consult
- Free installation DVD
- Maintenance plan





1. What should I pay attention to when using the ultrasonic cleaner?

- Ultrasonic cleaner power and electric heaters must have a good grounding.
- It is forbidden to start the ultrasonic cleaning machine without the cleaning liquid. That is, the cleaning cylinder does not add a certain amount of cleaning liquid, and the ultrasonic switch cannot be turned off.
- Do not use heating equipment with heating equipment to turn on the heating switch when there is no liquid.
- Do not use heavy objects (iron blocks) to clean the bottom of the cylinder to avoid damage to the inverter chip.
- The ultrasonic generator power supply should be separately configured with a 220V/50 power supply and 2000W or higher voltage regulator.
- Clean the bottom of the cylinder regularly without excessive impurities or dirt.
- Each time the new fluid is replaced, the parts must be ultrasonically activated before they can be cleaned.

2. The following principles should be followed when purchasing an ultrasonic cleaner.

- Power selection
- Frequency selection
- Use of cleaning the cage
- Selection of cleaning fluid temperature
- About the amount of cleaning fluid and the location of the cleaning parts

3. The composition of the ultrasonic cleaner.

The ultrasonic cleaning machine is mainly composed of an ultrasonic cleaning tank and an ultrasonic generator. The ultrasonic cleaning tank is made of sturdy, flexible, corrosion-resistant stainless steel, and the ultrasonic transducer vibrator is mounted on the bottom of the cleaning tank. The ultrasonic generator generates high frequency and high voltage and transmits it to the transducer through a cable connection. The transducer and the vibrating plate together generate high-frequency resonance, so that the solvent in the cleaning tank is affected by the ultrasonic wave.