The solvent recovery for sale includes an explosion-proof barrel, heater, radiator, control panel and box body. The explosion-proof barrel and heater are placed in the box, the radiator and control panel are fixed on the box body, and the heater and radiator are respectively It is electrically connected with the control panel; the lid of the explosion-proof barrel is also equipped with a sight glass observation window. The solvent recovery machine with observation window provided by our company is equipped with an explosion-proof barrel to hold the solvent, and a box is arranged outside the explosion-proof barrel, which can significantly improve the safety factor. At the same time, the solvent recovery for sale is also equipped with a sight glass observation window on the barrel cover of the explosion-proof barrel, which can easily observe the state of the solvent in the explosion-proof barrel, which is helpful for users to adjust the working parameters of the recovery machine according to the solvent state, and the solvent recovery effect is good.

Solvent recovery machine features:

1. High safety. The whole machine and components adopt explosion-proof design and normal pressure structure. The connecting pipeline is sealed, and the solvent is not easy to spread and leak, and there is no potential safety hazard.
2. It is suitable for the recovery of most organic solvents, and the recovery rate is as high as 96%, which is beneficial to reduce production costs;
3. The electric control box is 100% sealed to prevent electric sparks from contacting with solvents;
4. Independent sealing design, the sealing ring of this machine is an integrated sealing ring produced by independent mold opening to ensure that solvent gas and solvent will not leak out and cause danger;
5. The heating temperature is controlled by a precise microcomputer program controller. The heating method adopts explosion-proof heating tube and indirect heating with hot kerosene. The distillation temperature is set according to the boiling point of different waste solvents, and multiple solvents can be separated and purified at the same time, saving electricity. , and has automatic control function;
6. The machine adopts automatic control, and the operation is simple and convenient.
7. With over-temperature protection and over-voltage protection;
8. The cooling principle of water-cooled heat exchange improves the speed and shortens the recovery time. The recovery speed is 1.5-2 times that of traditional air-cooled products. The high boiling point solvent can be recovered without a vacuum decompression device, and a slag discharge port is provided. The treated residue is easy to discharge for disposal, which is more convenient and safer than dumping the residue.
9. The equipment is all made of 304 stainless steel, which is resistant to corrosion by various solvents, and has a reasonable structural design. It has the advantages of fast heat transfer, less loss, small footprint, and convenient movement;
10. Low cost of use: as long as a small amount of water, electricity, and labor are needed, the operation is simple, and no professional and technical personnel are required to operate, and the work can be done according to the steps;
11. High efficiency: This equipment is low in price, high in efficiency and high in use value. The general factory can recover the investment cost within 3-6 months.
solvent recycler for sale

Solvent recovery machine operation process:

1. Pre-set the operating parameters;
2. One-button start; the feeding pump (built-in) starts feeding, and it will automatically stop when the liquid is full and close the feeding pipeline;
3. The heating rod heats the heat transfer oil; the heat transfer oil is transferred to the waste solvent solution, and the organic solvent is vaporized;
4. The gaseous state enters the condenser, and flows out into the recovery container or vacuum pump (optional) after liquefaction;
5. According to the user's setting, after the solvent liquid level in the distillation barrel drops, the system decides whether to refill, if no more refill, it will automatically shut down after evaporation;
6. After the distillation barrel is cooled (below 60°C), dump the fuselage or open the lower slag valve to clean up the residue (you can also choose a high temperature bag 7. It can be used together, but 450 liters equipment is not available)
7. By distilling and cooling, the clean organic solvent is recovered from the waste solvent solution, realizing the purpose of solvent recovery and reuse.
solvent recycler for sale

The solvent recovery for sale can turn the dirty solvent in the factory into a clean new solvent through the distillation principle, and the distilled solvent can be put into production again, and the cleaning ability is not inferior. The solvent recovery machine uses the principle of distillation to recover the used waste solvents (such as Tianna water, coking water, diluent, boiling oil water, white electric oil, decontamination oil, plate washing water, net washing water, cleaning liquid, various cleaning processes The solvent recovery machine distills, purifies, and condenses to obtain high-purity liquid solvents. The recovered solvents can be put into the production process again to realize multiple recovery and reuse of solvents, which saves costs and is environmentally friendly.