Laboratory Equipment Information Center

This section is an open content information provided by ZZKD laboratory equipment manufacturers for the majority of laboratory equipment users.
Here will be the latest equipment information, the latest equipment price situation, the latest industry information. Provide users with answers to questions about the equipment, including how to use the equipment, how to install, how to maintain and so on.
Latest equipment information: Based on the situation of the company and the entire industry, we will update the hottest and latest equipment here. We will make a detailed analysis of their application fields, working principles, operation methods, and equipment structural performance.
The latest price: In the process of purchasing equipment, the most important point is the price of the equipment. Often, the price of an equipment will affect their overall sales and future prospects. Here we will compare prices from larger shopping platforms such as Alibaba, Amazon, eBay, and Google Store. Provide users with the latest and cheapest prices for users to choose. (If you have a better price, you can leave us a message. After confirming your information, we will sort it out for more users to choose.)
Of course, we will also provide you with the price of the equipment we sell, including special products and discount information during some occasional limited time activities. Of course this requires you to tell me your needs.
The latest industry information: The social era is constantly progressing, and laboratory equipment is constantly being upgraded. Old equipment will eventually be replaced by advanced instruments. Here we will summarize the market survey and user feedback to help users choose the equipment that is more suitable for them.