ZZKD is specialized in Lab Instrument, microwave chemical reactor is one of our main products.

laboratory microwave reactor price

The microwave chemical reactor uses microcomputer technology and unique microwave adjustment technology to achieve continuous adjustment of microwave power.From the perspective of the power meter, its operation is simple and repeatable. For experiments that require microwave catalytic reaction conditions, especially for those chemical experiments that require lower microwave power, its scientificity is ideally used.

Microwave chemical reactors are used in organic synthesis reactions, and the reaction speed is thousands of times faster than conventional methods, and it can synthesize substances that are difficult to synthesize by conventional methods.So far, the studies that have been studied and achieved results include: Diels-Alder cycloaddition reaction, rearrangement reaction, esterification reaction, Pekin reaction, alkylation, oxidation, substitution, condensation, addition and polymerization, etc.It is widely used in materials, pharmacy, chemical industry and related teaching and scientific research fields.

The principle of microwave heating equipment and the proportion of heating space:

1. Non-pulse microwave continuous heating

According to engineers' long-term research, it has been shown that pulsed microwaves will generate high-threshold electromagnetic pulse signals at the moment of turning on and turning off, and the phenomenon of temperature upsurge or large oscillations during this instant will sometimes directly destroy the shape of organic molecules and affect the experimental results.In addition to continuous heating, the non-pulse microwave of this instrument also adds a 30-segment frequency conversion temperature adjustment function, and the continuous output does not have strong stimulation.

2. Microwave power frequency conversion control

It uses dual CPU technology to assist detection and control software, and is equipped with PID adjustment components. It can automatically adjust the microwave frequency after encountering changes in ambient temperature, reaction material polarity, and heat capacity to avoid overshooting.The microwave reflected in the body can be monitored by the instrument, and the temperature change is judged according to the reflection situation, and then the microwave frequency is automatically adjusted through the PID to achieve the precise temperature control value.

3. Platinum resistance temperature control system

Many users do not understand why we choose platinum resistance as the sensor carrier of the temperature control system. Platinum is a natural shielding device that can effectively eliminate any electromagnetic interference and self-heating reaction.