Glass reactor is one of our main products,It includes single layer glass reactor and jacketed glass reactor, the jacketed glass reactor is a double-layer glass design, which can be used for both low-temperature reaction and high-temperature reaction,It is also a commonly used chemical reactor in the laboratory.

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The glass reactor is mainly based on its double-layer glass feature, we can put reaction materials (also called reaction solvent) in the inner layer,The glass reactor is sandwiched by a double-layer reactor, and a constant temperature (high temperature or low temperature) hot solution or cooling liquid is injected to heat or cool the materials in the reactor at a constant temperature. The reaction is carried out under normal pressure or negative pressure by stirring.The medium in the interlayer of the glass reactor (such as: refrigerating liquid, heating water or heating oil) is stirred to perform a cyclic reaction to achieve heating or cooling.It is widely used in modern biochemical new material synthesis experiments.

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Functional characteristics of glass reactor:

1. Because the material used in the glass reactor (G3.3 borosilicate glass) has good materials and chemical properties. In the mixing process of variable frequency speed regulation, it will run more smoothly, and no spark will be generated even if the torque is large.

2. In addition, the components are sealed with tetrafluoroethylene, which can maintain a good vacuum degree (usually around -0.098mpa) among similar products in the market, and maintain high airtightness under working conditions. There is also a debris collection tank.

3. Alloy steel mechanical seal, PTFE connection port, maintain high sealing performance under working condition.

4. The Pt100 sensor probe has high temperature measurement accuracy and small error, which effectively improves work efficiency.

5. Teflon discharge valve, movable interface, complete and quick discharge.

6. The cooling or heating solution in the interlayer of the glass reactor can be completely discharged after the reaction is completed without accumulation of liquid.

7. Integral stainless steel column movable frame structure, five-port reaction vessel cover, with a full set of glass for reflux, liquid filling, temperature measurement and so on.

8. The double PTFE stirring paddle of the glass reactor is suitable for the stirring and mixing of liquids.

9. Strong torque, no noise. Adopt advanced geared motor.