Vacuum drying oven DZF-6020:

DZF-6020 vacuum drying oven is specially designed for drying heat-sensitive, easily decomposable and oxidizing substances. It can be filled with inert gas, especially some items with complex components can also be dried quickly. The rectangular working chamber makes the effective volume reach It is very large, the heating element is U-shaped surrounded by the outer wall of the inner tank, the thermal insulation cotton is filled with heat insulation, and the microcomputer temperature controller can automatically adjust the control parameters according to the size of the ambient temperature load, and the temperature control accuracy is reliable. Tempered, bulletproof double-layer glass door Observe objects in the studio at a glance. The closed tightness of the box door can be adjusted. The integrally formed silicone door seal ensures the sealing effect. The studio is made of stainless steel. Storage, heating, and drying are carried out in an environment without oxygen or full of inert gas, so it will not oxidize. It can be used for vacuum extraction tests with a vacuum pump and a vacuum tube.
dzf 6050

Features of vacuum drying oven DZF-6020:

1. The cuboid studio can achieve a large effective volume, and the microcomputer temperature controller can control the temperature accurately and reliably.
2. Tempered, bullet-proof double-glazed glass doors are used to observe objects in the studio at a glance.
3. The closed tightness of the box door can be adjusted, and the integrally formed silicone rubber door seal ensures a high degree of vacuum in the box.
4. The studio is made of stainless steel plates to ensure the product is durable.
5. Storage, heating, testing, and drying are carried out in an environment without oxygen or full of inert gas, so it will not oxidize.
6. Short heating time reduces the healing time by more than 50% compared with the traditional vacuum drying oven dzf 6050.
7. The vacuum environment greatly reduces the boiling point of the liquid that needs to be driven off, so the vacuum drying oven can be easily applied to heat-sensitive substances.
8. For samples that are not easy to dry, such as colloids and powders or other granular samples, using a vacuum drying oven dzf 6050 can effectively shorten the drying time.
9. Various mechanical parts or other porous samples with complex structures are cleaned and dried by vacuum drying, and no residual substances are left after they are completely dried.
10. Safer to use - under vacuum or inert conditions, safely eliminate the possibility of thermal explosion of oxides.
11. In contrast to drying ovens that rely on air circulation, powdered samples are not blown or moved by flowing air.

Box structure and materials:

1. Outer box material: The outer box is made of high-quality cold plate treated with phosphoric acid film salt, sprayed at high temperature, double-layer tempered, bulletproof glass door, the color is blue door computer gray box
2. Studio material: stainless steel inner tank, reinforced type, stainless steel shelf, and shelf 2 layers,
3. Insulation material: high-density glass fiber cotton, filled with insulation in the front, back, left, right, up, and down interlayers of the box
4. Sealing material: High-temperature resistant silicone rubber sealing strips are used for the door and the working room to ensure the sealing of the working room.
5. Temperature measurement port: PT100 sensor enters from the rear and top of the box;
6. Terminal: The terminal of the heating element is located at the rear and bottom of the box;
7. Controller: located on the left side of the box, with pressure gauge and air release valve, built-in control system, compensation wire connected to the sensor,
8. Heating element: stainless steel electric heater;
9. Overall weight: about 32KG
10. Standard packing: carton
dzf 6050

vacuum drying oven dzf-6020 heating system:

1. The heater, located on the outer wall of the inner tank, is controlled by the sensor response control system
2. The heating output of the heater is controlled by the microcomputer calculation in the intelligent instrument
Safety protection system:

1. Fuse protector
2. Studio over-temperature protector, upper limit over-temperature alarm, and stop heating
3. Leakage protection and electric shock protection ensure the safety of use.
Laboratory vacuum drying oven DZF-6020. The temperature range is between RT + 10 and 200 ° C, a drying device that can be used in the pharmaceutical industry. With a capacity of 25L, the heating rate is reduced by 50% compared to the heating time of a conventional vacuum drying oven dzf 6050.
For the perfect use of the entire vacuum drying oven system, you may need the following equipment:
- Circulating water type multi-function vacuum pump
- Diaphragm vacuum pump
-Rotary vane vacuum pump
dzf 6050


- 1-year warranty service and all life maintenance.
- Technical engineers are available for oversea training.
- Free change for some parts
- Remote control technical consult
- Free installation DVD
- Maintenance plan

vacuum drying oven quotes:

The vacuum drying box is mainly composed of the following parts:
1. The body of the vacuum drying box is made of a high-quality cold-rolled steel plate, and the surface is electrostatic powder sprayed. The coating is hard and firm and has a strong anti-rust ability.
2. The studio is made of high-quality stainless steel, with rounded corners, smooth, smooth, and easy to clean.
3. Between the box and the studio, the ultra-fine glass wool insulation material is filled, which has a good thermal insulation function, effectively ensuring the stability and accuracy of the temperature in the box and the impact on the use environment.
4. The box door is a double-layer tempered glass structure, which can observe the heated items in the box and has a good heat insulation effect. It can effectively avoid burns to operators.
5. A heat-resistant rubber sealing ring is installed between the studio and the glass door to ensure a high degree of vacuum in the box.
6. The heater is installed on the outer surface of the studio to maximize the uniformity of the temperature in the box and facilitate indoor cleaning.
7. The temperature control is manufactured by microcomputer intelligent digital technology, with industrial PID, self-tuning and four-digit double, LED window indication functions, high-temperature control accuracy, strong anti-interference ability, and very convenient operation.
The price of a vacuum drying oven quotes with a small volume and no vacuum pump is several thousand yuan, and the price of a large box with a vacuum pump is tens of thousands. Due to different quality or other conditions, the price is not very uniform. It depends on whether the inner tank you use is made of stainless steel or cold-rolled steel plate, and also depends on what electrical appliances are used in this oven. You need to pass and produce the Manufacturer's communication to determine.