High pressure reactor is one of our reactor products. It is made of stainless steel. It is divided into two types, CJF and FCF, in terms of appearance and performance. Its capacity ranges from 0.05L to 30L.

high pressure chemical reactor

The working process of the high pressure high temperature reactor:In chemical production, there are not only simple chemical reaction processes, but also physical mass transfer processes such as fluid flow, material heat transfer, mass transfer, and mixing.In the high pressure chemical reactor, the excitation, steps and speed of chemical reactions are carried out according to the laws of chemical kinetics.For example, for gas-liquid reactions, the reaction rate is not only related to temperature and concentration, but also to the size and diffusion rate of the interface.For the gas-solid reaction, no matter what the conditions, the gas components diffuse to the surface of the solid catalyst first, and then chemically react on the surface of the catalyst. The chemical reaction process is the basic process of the high pressure stirred reactor (autoclave).

Due to the wide variety of raw materials for chemical reactions, the reaction process is very complicated, and the requirements for reaction products are also different. In order to meet different reaction requirements, the structure and size of the high pressure reactors are also different, and the operation methods and operating conditions are also different.For example, in a batch reactor, the raw materials are added at once; in a continuously operated reactor, the raw materials are continuously added.Reactors with different structures and sizes, different operating conditions and modes will inevitably affect the fluid flow state and the transfer process of heat, mass, and mixing of materials.The transfer process is a necessary condition for the realization of the reaction process, so the working process of the reactor is a complex process based on chemical kinetics, with heat transfer, mass transfer, and momentum transfer as the basic content. The three are carried out at the same time and interact.

The main function of the high pressure stirred reactor (autoclave) is to provide a reaction place and maintain certain conditions so that the chemical reaction process proceeds in a predetermined direction to obtain qualified reaction products.

The high pressure high temperature reactor is included in almost all process equipment, so it is of great significance to select a suitable reactor series, establish better operating conditions, and design a reasonable and reliable high pressure chemical reactor to meet the needs of the growing process industry.