Multifunctional freeze dryer can freeze dry food, fruits, Chinese medicine, cosmetics and medical reagents. Possess super strong water catching ability and intelligent pre-freezing treatment.

food freeze dryer

Benefits of using freeze dryer to freeze-dry food

Freeze-drying is a drying process under low temperature and high vacuum conditions, and it is currently the best and most popular drying process on the market. During processing, the food is basically in an environment that is not nutritious and completely protected from light. The heat-sensitive substances change very little, which effectively maintains the color, aroma, taste, shape of fresh food, and maximizes the variety of foods. Vitamins, proteins, trace elements and other nutrients and biological enzymes and other nutrients and original flavor.
When the food in the freeze dryer is dried and sublimated at low temperature, the water in the food will be precipitated and sublimated in situ. In the traditional high-temperature drying, the moisture inside the material will flow to the surface of the food and also carry out the nutrients. After the high temperature, the food has a large loss of nutrition, and the surface of the food will also harden and other undesirable phenomena. The fresh fruits and vegetables after the freeze-drying process are more sweet and delicious due to the sublimation of moisture and the aroma and sugar concentration after dehydration. The freeze-dried food has a dry porous sponge-like structure and tastes crisp. It has good instant solubility after being powdered. Add the right amount of water when eating, and it will return to the appearance of almost fresh food in a few minutes.
Only need to vacuum seal the package and avoid light, it can be stored at room temperature for 3 to 5 years or even longer. Low temperature storage is also not required during transportation, which is convenient for transportation and saves a lot of transportation costs.

Fruit freeze dryer can retain the original flavor of the fruit

Yellow peach is also called yellow meat peach. It is named because the flesh is yellow. The nutrition of yellow peach is very rich. It is rich in antioxidants, vitamins, calcium, iron and other trace elements. Because yellow peach is extremely difficult to store, except for processing into canned and dried fruit, export is more difficult. Canned and dried fruits made from yellow peaches have large nutrient loss and high calories.
Yellow Peach Freeze Dryer Equipment: Keep the yellow peach fresh and quality, and retain the original flavor and taste! The vacuum freeze-drying process is the best drying process on the market, which can preserve the color, aroma, taste, shape and nutritional ingredients of yellow peach for a long time. That is to extend the shelf life of the product, while fully retaining the original flavor of yellow peach. The freeze-dried yellow peach is porous, crisp in texture, without any additives, green and healthy.


1. The pre-freezing and drying are completed in situ. The freeze-drying process is automated and easy to operate.
2. The circulating medium is used in the layer, the temperature can be adjusted, and the temperature difference is ≤1 ° C, and the cooling and heating effect is more uniform.
3. Touch screen operation, PLC control system, real-time monitoring equipment operation.
4. Can be connected to a computer, remote control, storage freeze-drying curve.
5. Integral design, easy to transport and install, save space.

fruit freeze dryer

What should I pay attention to when freeze-drying Chinese herbal medicines?

Chinese medicinal materials of rhizomes are an important part of Chinese medicinal materials. The processing methods of traditional medicinal materials of roots and rhizomes are: after the herbs are excavated, they are directly dried/dried, bundled, packaged, stored, and transported. After arriving at the decoction factory, it is washed, softened, sliced, dried, and packaged. Such decoction pieces have a large volume and poor hygienic standards, are prone to moisture, mold, and insects, which is not conducive to storage, and the storage and transportation costs are high. In addition, the quality stability of such decoction pieces is poor, the clinical efficacy is difficult to guarantee, the patients are inconvenient to take, and the effect is slow.
The application of freeze dryer in the processing of freeze-dried powdered pieces of rhizome medicinal materials is conducive to the development of new types of root and rhizome pieces with stable and reliable quality, low storage/transportation costs, easy storage, portability, and use, and quick effect.
The freeze dryer is used in the processing of freeze-dried powdered pieces of rhizome medicinal materials. Its main features are: after the rhizome medicinal materials are harvested, they are cleaned in time to remove impurities such as sediment and non-medicinal parts, and they are used fresh within 24 hours. Wash with tap water and cut into 2 ~ 5mm thick pieces, add 1 ~ 5 times the weight of 50 ~ 70 ° C water, soak and stir for 5 ~ 30 minutes from time to time, filter, press the residue to extract juice; add 5 to the resulting residue ~ 10 times the weight of water, boil for 10 ~ 30 minutes, filter while hot, extract the juice again, collect the juice; combine the above juice, pass 60 ~ 100 mesh sieve, concentrate under reduced pressure, the temperature is 50 ~ 75 ℃, Concentrate to the relative density of 1.15 ~ 1.25 ointment; the resulting ointment is frozen in the refrigerator at -20 ~ -80 ℃ for 12 ~ 24 hours, then freeze-dried in vacuum at -20 ~ -40 ℃; the lyophilisate is then at 60 ~ 80 Vacuum-dry at ℃ until the water content is less than 12%, crush it, pass a 60-mesh sieve, and vacuum pack to get the finished product.


Freeze dryer used in the field of cosmetics

Advantages and benefits of the cosmetic freeze-drying machine in making freeze-dried powder! Cosmetic freeze dryer is also known as freeze dryer equipment. The technology of drying items in a vacuum freeze-drying and low-temperature environment, because drying in a low-temperature and low-oxygen environment can maintain the biologically active ingredients of cosmetics, is currently the best drying method on the market. Cosmetic freeze dryer has many unique advantages, mainly as follows:
1. The freeze-drying process is carried out in an environment of low temperature and low oxygen, so microorganisms and enzymes will not be deactivated and oxidized in this environment. Its effective active ingredients are less damaged, and it is particularly suitable for drying heat-sensitive substances and easily oxidized cosmetics, medicines, and medicinal materials.
2. The freeze-drying process can better preserve the original form of the material. After the freeze-drying, the article has a porous sponge-like structure and has strong instant solubility and rehydration.
3. Complete dehydration and long shelf life! Generally, the residual moisture of cosmetic lyophilized powder will be controlled below 5% and distributed evenly. Under the condition of vacuum packaging, it can be stored for several years under ambient temperature and without deterioration.

Multifunctional freeze dryer can basically meet all freeze drying needs, ZZKD laboratory equipment manufacturers can provide you with customized freeze dryer according to your specific needs.