ZKCL Series Electric Heating Mantle
ZKCL Series Electric Heating Mantle
ZKCL Series Electric Heating Mantle
ZKCL Series Electric Heating Mantle
Heating Mantle

ZKCL Series Electric Heating Mantle

Magnetic stirring heating mantle is made of PBT material, which has the advantages of flame retardant, high-temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, and good insulation.
ZKCL electric heating mantle provides a large heating area, uniform heating, fast heating speed, and the temperature can reach 380 ℃.


- Use heating mantle for heating, provide large heating area, uniform heating, fast heating, temperature can reach up to 380℃
- Can be used for 5000-20000 ml standard or non-standard reaction flasks for heating and stirring.
- Imported PAPST series brushless DC motor with stable performance, low noise, long life, no spark.
- The shell is made of PBT material, have the advantages of flame retardant, withstand high temperature, corrosion and good insulation.
- 30 ° bevel control panel for sitting and standing position perspective.
- LCD display of rotating speed and temperature.


heating mantle
- Machine Parts
Name: heating part
Inside and outside temperature thermocouple.
- Main Features
Name: link block
Integrated equipment, safe and convenient.
electric heating mantle
heating mantle controller - Machine Parts
Name: Numerical control display
Display frequency and temperature.Convenient for observation.
- Main Features
Name: Inner Sleeve
Liner adopts high temperature alkali-free fiberglass as insula -tion materials .
which seal the resistance wire in the insulating layer ,
and then woven into hemispherical heater.

  ZKCL series electric heating mantle is suitable for the following laboratory equipment as heating equipment:

- Glass reactor equipment

  After sale

- 1 year warranty service and all life maintenance.
- Technical Egineer are avalible for oversea trainning.
- Free change for some parts
- Remote control technical consult
- Free installation DVD
- Maintenance plan





Model ZKCL
Voltage 220V/50/60Hz
Stir capacity 2L~20L
Output power With specifications 100-2200W
Working time continuous work >8 hours
Temperature control mode  Intelligence control. +/-1℃
Temperature range Room temperature~400℃

1. What should I pay attention to when using the electric heating mantle?

When the heating mantle is used for the first time, white smoke and odor are emitted, which is a normal phenomenon. Because the internal insulating material contains oil and other compounds in the production process, it should be placed in a ventilated place, and it will be normal after a few minutes disappear. use.

2. Is the short-path distillation equipment using this type of magnetic stirrer heating mantle?

Yes, the heating equipment of the short path distillation kit uses a magnetic stirring electric heating mantle,This electric heating mantle has super fast heating speed, which is especially suitable for heating equipment of short path distillation system.

3. How will you deliver these goods?

It will be decided based on your quantity. Usually we will choose international express, air and sea.