Mini Closed Loop Extraction
Mini Closed Loop Extraction
Mini Closed Loop Extraction
Mini Closed Loop Extraction
Closed Loop Extractor

Mini Closed Loop Extraction

Mini closed loop extractor is made of stainless steel. The closed-loop extraction system mainly extracts solvents from solid substances. And it is widely and mainly used in industry, for example, the extraction of cannabis, that is, the extraction of cannabis from cannabis leaves by washing with ethanol.


- Ethanol recovery rate:90%+
- Low power consumption
- Less labor
- Quality, safety and precise operation
- Flexible capacity Like CBD oil,it requires for cold temperature process,even lower than subzero 80 degree,we have mature processing technology to carry out till 99% purity oil.


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mini closed loop extractor

closed loop extractor

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BHO closed-loop extraction

  Accessories for closed-loop extraction systems:

-High-pressure food-grade hoses: tubes for transferring liquid butane
-Solvent tank: a container for the solvent
-Product tube: Tube for transfer production
-Collection chamber: container for collecting oil
-Recovery pump: used to provide pressure to recover the solvent
-Material tower: Reactor for extracting marijuana

  After sale

- 1 year warranty service and all life maintenance.
- Technical Egineer are avalible for oversea trainning.
- Free change for some parts
- Remote control technical consult
- Free installation DVD
- Maintenance plan



1. How does a closed loop extractor work?

-The closed loop extractor works from the top. The user places cannabis in the top-filled input port, then cleans the cannabis in the material column with a solvent, and the oil is collected over the material.
-Oily solvents will be collected in the collection chamber below the material column.
-The solvent will evaporate and be recovered in the collection chamber, while the oil will remain in the collection chamber.

2. How does the closed loop extractor system extract cannabinoids?

Extraction of cannabis by ethanol washing method is to extract cannabinoids from cannabis leaves through a mini closed-loop extractor by ethanol washing. In the process, hemp leaves are placed in a solvent and washed thoroughly with ethanol. During the washing process, soluble cannabinoids are removed and collected in a collection tank. There are two ways to use cannabinoids, one is medication, and the other is entertainment.

3.How will you delivery these goods?

It will be decided according to your quantity. Normally we will choose International Express, Air and sea.