Bottom Discharge Centrifuge Machine
Bottom Discharge Centrifuge Machine
Bottom Discharge Centrifuge Machine
Bottom Discharge Centrifuge Machine
Stainless steel centrifuge

Bottom Discharge Centrifuge Machine

The bottom discharge centrifuge machine uses the action of the centrifugal force field for solid-liquid separation. The material is scraped off the drum wall through the radial and axial movement of the scraper to complete the discharge process. The machine is equipped with water washing and air washing devices, so the material Fully washed, improve product quality.
bottom discharge centrifuge machine

Working principle of bottom discharge centrifuge machine:

The motor of the bottom discharge centrifuge machine starts at a low speed. When the feeding speed reaches the feeding speed, the feed valve automatically opens and starts feeding. The material is distributed on the inner surface of the drum through the material distribution plate on the main shaft. A cylindrical material layer is formed, the filtrate is discharged from the drum through the screen and the small holes on the drum, and the filter cake is accumulated on the surface of the screen. The material layer detector starts to work while feeding, and as the material layer gradually When the thickness reaches the set material layer thickness, the material layer detector sends out a control signal, closes the feed valve, and the motor continues to increase speed. In the process of increasing the speed, the washing valve is opened according to the requirements of the separation process, and the whole cylinder is washed for the affected cake layer after the initial dehydration. After the centrifuge deliquids at full speed and the filter cake is dried to meet the separation requirements, it enters the deceleration stage. At this time, the motor is in the generator state, and the mechanical energy is converted into electrical energy through the electrical system and sent back to the grid. When the rotation speed drops to the discharge speed, the centering device of the centrifuge starts to work, the closed cover at the bottom opens, and the scraper cuts into the filter cake layer and moves axially with the action of the cylinder until the filter cake on the drum wall is All are scraped off, and the filter cake is discharged through the discharge port at the bottom of the drum along the guide of the scraper. After the unloading is completed, the closing cover is closed and the centering device is reset at the same time, the turning machine starts to increase from the unloading speed and enters the next cycle.
bottom discharge centrifuge

Performance advantages of bottom discharge centrifuge machine:

1. Good adaptability: This method fully considers the various special requirements of materials and processes for the centrifuge, and the supplier optimizes the main components in terms of the particularity and adaptability of the bottom discharge centrifuge. We will provide customers with the most suitable model as long as we explain the location of installation and use, the physical and chemical properties of the materials to be processed, and the process requirements.
2. High degree of automation: The feeding, separation, and unloading processes of the bottom discharge centrifuge machine are continuously mechanized under high-speed operation. Using a programmable controller to realize automatic bottom discharge centrifuge separation and centrifugal washing process motion management.
3. Good working stability: The differential used in the centrifuge is a cycloidal or planetary differential, which has the characteristics of large torque and wide adjustment range.
4. Strong craftsmanship: The bottom discharge centrifuge machine adopts a dual-motor dual-frequency electric feedback differential system, which can flexibly adjust the differential speed steplessly, and correct the differential speed at any time according to the change of the material. Material. A real power saving product.
5. Good working environment: The separation of materials by the centrifuge is carried out in a fully enclosed condition, ensuring that the workplace is clean and pollution-free, keeping the production environment clean and hygienic, and realizing civilized production.
6. Perfect and reliable safety protection device: the decanter centrifuge is equipped with multiple protections such as torque safety and power management, which can effectively eliminate or reduce the harm caused by sudden failure to the machine.
7. Beautiful appearance: the base of the machine is welded by high-quality carbon steel, and the surface is processed by special technology, which is smooth and smooth. Lightweight, generous and cute, it gives people a general sense of beauty.
bottom discharge centrifuge machine

Compared with other separation machines, bottom discharge centrifuge machine can not only obtain solid phase with low moisture content and high-purity liquid phase, but also have the advantages of small size, good sealing, continuous operation, automatic so remote etc. control, They are widely used in chemical industry, Petrochemical, petroleum refining, light industry, medicine, food, textile, metallurgy, coal, mineral processing, shipbuilding, environmental protection, military and other departments, such as coal powder recovery for wet coal dral mud purification and reuse for oil mining; shaft Concentration of isotopes; sludge concentration and dehydration of sewage treatment; refining of petrochemical products; extraction of antibiotics and pesticides; manufacture of milk, yeast, beer, fruit juice, sugar, orange oil, animal vegetable oil, rice bran oil, starch and other foods; the dehydration of fabric fibers; the purification of lubricating oil and fuel oil all re require the use of centrifuges. Decanter centrifuge supplier can be seen that centrifuges have become widely used separation equipment in various sectors of the national economy.

Model PPTD-10 PPTD-30 PPTD-50 PPTD-135 PPTD-200 PPTD-400 PPTD-500
Drum capacity (L) 14 40 85 185 295 450 510
Jacket volume (L) 22 30 43 75 110 150 155
Loading limit (lbs) 15 60 120 270 500 940 1060
Plant material loading limit (lbs) 4 16 30 70 100 180 240
Speed (R/ min) 2700 1900 1500 1200 1000 960 960
Separation factor (g) 1225 910 755 645 560 620 645
Motor (kW) 1.1 1.5 3 5.5 7.5 15 18.5
Frequency converter (kW) 1.5 2.2 4 7.5 11 18.5 22
Net weight (kg) 280 400 750 1700 2350 3100 3350
Drum diameter (mm) 300 450 600 800 1000 1200 1250

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