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Keda Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd.

Laboratory equipment

Keda Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. is a pharmaceutical equipment integration company specializing in R&D, production, especially intelligent PID temperature controllers, distillation extraction equipment, dryer equipment and laboratory reactor equipment. Widely used in the production of cosmetics, university teaching, chemical and biological purification.

Glass reactor CE certificate
Rotary steaming CE certificate
Vacuum drying oven CE certificate
Short path distillation CE certificate
Cryogenic coolant circulation pump CE certificate
Stainless steel reactor CE certificate
Drying oven CE certificate
ISO certificate

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- With 6 years foreign trade,and over 30 years domestic trade in China.

- Professional mancufacturer in chemical industry!

- Our customers are all over the world, mainly spread in America, Canada, India,so on.

- Interegrated service system, experienced OEM.

- Wide range of lab instruments available.

- Experienced OEM service made to customer specifications.

- Dedicated customer service and technical support.

Rich OEM experience

We can provide customized services according to customer's product requirements.

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Top lab equipments

We are committed to manufacturing and developing the laboratory equipments.

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Professional after sales service

Professional engineers and workers,dedicated customer service and technical support.

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