Industrial Decanter Centrifuge
Industrial Decanter Centrifuge
Industrial Decanter Centrifuge
Industrial Decanter Centrifuge
Stainless steel centrifuge

Industrial Decanter Centrifuge

Horizontal screw decanter centrifuge is abbreviated as horizontal screw centrifuge. It is a type of high-efficiency centrifugal separation and sedimentation equipment with horizontal screw discharge and steady operation. Decanter centrifuge price can usually be divided into horizontal spiral filter decanter centrifuge for sale and horizontal spiral sedimentation centrifuges. Decanter centrifuges are suitable for dewatering sludge produced in the process of business and civil sewage treatment, and are also extensively utilized in chemical, gentle trade, pharmaceutical, food, environmental safety and different industries.

Working precept:

The working precept of the decanter centrifuge for sale is as follows: the drum and the screw rotate in the identical direction and excessive-pace at a sure differential velocity. The materials is continuously introduced into the inner cylinder of the feeding screw from the feeding pipe, after which enters the drum after being accelerated. Deposited on the drum wall to form a sediment layer. The feeding screw constantly pushes the deposited solids to the conical end of the drum and discharges them out of the machine via the slag discharge port. The lighter liquid part materials varieties an inside liquid ring, which continuously overflows the bowl from the overflow port on the large end of the bowl, and is discharged out of the machine by way of the liquid outlet. This machine can constantly feed, separate, wash and unload at full velocity. Decanter centrifuge manufacturer China has the characteristics of compact construction, continuous operation, steady operation, sturdy adaptability, giant manufacturing capability and convenient maintenance. Decanter centrifuge price is appropriate for separating suspensions containing solids with a particle dimension larger than zero.005mm and a focus range of 2-40%. Widely utilized in chemical, mild industry, pharmaceutical, food, environmental safety and different industries. three.

Industrial Decanter Centrifuge
Industrial Decanter Centrifuge

Performance benefits:

1. Good adaptability: In the method, the varied particular requirements put ahead by supplies and processes on the centrifuge are absolutely considered, and the main components are optimized when the decanter centrifuge supplier comes to specificity and adjustability. As lengthy as the person, The installation and use website, physical and chemical properties of material dealing with, course of requirements, etc. are explained, and we are going to present customers with essentially the most suitable mannequin.
2. High diploma of automation: The feeding, separation, unloading, and different processes of the decanter centrifuge are continuously and mechanically carried out beneath high-speed operation. The use of the programmable controller to realize automated decanter centrifuge separation and centrifugal washing process motion management.
3. Good working stability: The differential used within the centrifuge is a cycloid differential or a planetary differential, which has the traits of huge torque and broad adjustment vary.
4. Strong craftsmanship: The decanter centrifuge manufacturer in China is managed by a dual-motor dual-frequency power feedback differential speed system, which may modify the differential pace flexibly and steplessly, and modify the differential velocity at any time based on the change of materials. A real power-saving product.
5. Good working setting: The separation of supplies by the centrifuge is carried out beneath completely hermetic circumstances to ensure that the operation website is clear and pollution-free, and to maintain the production setting clean and hygienic to realize civilized manufacturing.
6. Complete and dependable safety protection devices: The decanter centrifuge is provided with multiple protections corresponding to torque safety and power management, which may successfully eliminate or reduce the harm caused by sudden failures to the machine.
7. Beautiful appearance: the base of this machine is welded with high-quality carbon steel, and the surface is handled with particular expertise to make it clean and flat. Lightweight, generous and lovely, it offers individuals an general aesthetic feeling.

Industrial Decanter Centrifuge
Industrial Decanter Centrifuge

Material selection:

Choosing the right decanter centrifuge supplier cannot only remedy manufacturing problems and enhance work effectivity, but additionally save manufacturing costs and cut back business risks. The main components affecting the choice are as follows:
1. The rotation speed of the decanter centrifuge: Generally, the decanter centrifuge ought to be above 3000 rpm. The larger the rotation speed, the upper the separation issue of the centrifuge, and the better the separation effect.
The material of the centrifuge: different supplies have different bodily and chemical indicators similar to put on resistance and corrosion resistance. Generally, the minimal materials of international decanter centrifuge for sale is 316L, or duplex chrome steel, and the abrasive elements have to be manufactured from ceramic composite materials. three.
2. Differential pace management of centrifuges: Different differentials have totally different control accuracy, and the service life and upkeep price vary greatly. The greater the differential pace accuracy, the higher the adaptability to supplies, so it's better to choose gear with high differential velocity accuracy.
Aspect ratio: the bigger the side ratio of the decanter centrifuge price, the larger its processing capacity and the smaller the moisture content.
3. Control system: Whether it is computerized programming control, domestic and international equipment producers have principally realized the totally automated control of the equipment.
4. Installation power: It impacts the management of power consumption. Generally, the power consumption ratio of home equipment is high, and the vitality consumption ratio of foreign tools is low.
5. Processing and manufacturing course of: Decanter centrifuge is a separation tools that requires high-precision processing. The merchandise produced by enterprises with out finishing processing capacity have high maintenance rate and restricted processing capacity.
Industrial Decanter Centrifuge
Compared with other separation machines, decanter centrifuge manufacturer China can not only obtain solid phase with low moisture content and high-purity liquid phase, but also have the advantages of small size, good sealing, continuous operation, automatic remote control, etc., so they are widely used in chemical industry, Petrochemical, petroleum refining, light industry, medicine, food, textile, metallurgy, coal, mineral processing, shipbuilding, environmental protection, military and other departments, such as coal powder recovery for wet coal mining, drilling mud purification and reuse for oil mining; shaft Concentration of isotopes; sludge concentration and dehydration of sewage treatment; refining of petrochemical products; extraction of antibiotics and pesticides; manufacture of milk, yeast, beer, fruit juice, sugar, orange oil, animal and vegetable oil, rice bran oil, starch and other foods; The dehydration of fabric fibers; the purification of lubricating oil and fuel oil all require the use of centrifuges. Decanter centrifuge supplier can be seen that centrifuges have become widely used separation equipment in various sectors of the national economy.

Model LW355*1600
Main motor power (kW) 18.5
Auxiliary motor power (kW) 7.5
Drum speed (R/min) ≤4000
Separation factor (g) 3200
Differential speed (R/min) 2-25
Drum inner diameter (mm) 355
Drum length (mm) 1600
Dimensions (mm) 3500*840*118
Weight (kg) 1800

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--Factory located in Zhengzhou, Henan, CN
-- Factory covers an area of 2000m2
-- Employees,over 60 people

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