N-1100D Rotary Evaporator
N-1100D Rotary Evaporator
N-1100D Rotary Evaporator
N-1100D Rotary Evaporator
Rotary Evaporator

N-1100D Rotary Evaporator

The N-1100d rotary evaporator is a kind of 2L small rotary evaporator uses an AC induction motor and a PID temperature control device for long-term operation and precise temperature control.

N-1100-D Rotary Evaporator System for sale

N-1100-D Rotary Evaporator System



- Double sealing of Teflon (PTFE) and fluoro rubber, the technology guarantees high vacuum.
- The suction nozzle of the condenser is lowered and safer after connection with the vacuum tube.
- Modular design for scalability.
- Easy lifting operation, smooth up and down movement, and easy to lock.
- Special motor, worm gear and smooth drive.
- Speed display, intuitive and convenient operation.
- The temperature is controlled by PID and the temperature is controlled accurately.
- The bath is separated from the main unit for flexible configuration.


Small rotary evaporator AC induction motor
- AC induction motor
using Japanese technology - AC induction motor, stepless speed regulation, no brush, no spark, can work effectively for a long time.
- Water bath
Rotary evaporator chassis, bathtub, main rod and shaft are made of high quality stainless steel, beautiful appearance and corrosion resistance.
Water bath
Digital control
- Digital control
Intelligent temperature control, water and oil bath, more widely used. The temperature fluctuation is relatively small, only ±0.2 ° C, the evaporation is more stable, it is not easy to rinse off the material.
- Collection bottle
The collection bottle is made of ball mill, which is convenient for connection and unloading, and has high sealing performance.
Collection bottle

  For the perfect use of the entire rotary evaporator system you may need the following equipment

- Low temperature constant temperature reaction bath
- Circulating cooler
- Constant temperature circulator

  After sale

- 1 year warranty service and all life maintenance.
- Technical Egineer are avalible for oversea trainning.
- Free change for some parts
- Remote control technical consult
- Free installation DVD
- Maintenance plan





Mode of transport

Product Name Rotary Evaporator
Model N-1100-D
Performance Rotary Speed(rpm) 10~180
Evaporation rate(ml/min) 20
Max.Vacuum Degree(Pa) 399.9(<3mmHg)
Function Rotary Speed Setting Knob type stepless speed control.
LCD display
Security Overload protection
Lifting Manual weight balancing
Structure Electric Motor Output power 25W
Condenser Double Spiral Coil
Rotary Bottle(L) 1~2
Receiving Bottle(L) 1
Glass Rotating Shaft(mm) φ15*190
Seal Ring Teflon, 
fluorinated rubber double seal
Specification Interface Caliber(mm) Outer diameter φ10
Machine base(mm) T-shaped frame    
Lifting Height(mm) 100+150  slide and manual
Operating Temp.(℃) 5~35
Current and Power(A/W) 0.16/35
Weight(kg) 9.5

1. Can the N-1100-D rotary evaporator use a rotary vane vacuum pump?

We do not recommend the use of a rotary vane vacuum pump because the rotary vane vacuum pump generates water vapor when it is evacuated. The N-1100-D rotary evaporator does not have a portion that condenses water vapor. Once the water vapor enters the rotary vane vacuum pump, the vacuum pump will overheat and cause damage to the vacuum pump.

2. What are the requirements for the selection of the cryogenic cooling equipment of the N-1100-D rotary evaporator?

For the cryogenic cooling equipment of the rotary evaporator, it is recommended to select the DLSB-5/10 model low temperature coolant circulating pump produced by our company. The cooling capacity of this model is 5L and the minimum temperature is -15 °C. Our N-1100-D rotary
evaporator has a rotating bottle capacity of 1~2L, so the DLSB-5/10 cryogenic coolant circulation pump is fully suitable for the N-1100-D rotary evaporator.

3. What is the maximum temperature?

Temperature range: RT - 180 °C oil bath.
Temperature range: RT - 99 °C water bath.